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Whitmore Hospital's Fundraiser Party


Whitmore Hospital's Fundraiser Party

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Whitmore Hospital's Fundraiser Party was an event which took place in Do You Remember the First Time?


  • Elena and Liam and Alaric and Jo attend the party as couples.
  • Josette Laughlin was the guest of honor of the party.
  • According to Alaric, Damon invites himself to the party to stalk Elena. Through Damon denies and says he is here to spend some quality time with his best friend.
  • Damon witnesses Elena and Liam kissing.
  • Although Elena came as Liam's date, she shares her first dance of the evening with Damon.
  • On the dance floor Damon recalls their first dance together in Miss Mystic Falls Pageant.
  • Liv and Tyler attend the party as bartenders.
  • Luke wasn't invited to the party but a radiologist he met at the gym let him in.


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