He spent the last sixty years killing every one of my relatives except he's a psychopath. He leaves one alive so that they can continue the family line so that he can destroy future generations of innocent people.

The Whitmore Family was a family featured in Season Five of The Vampire Diaries. They founded the Augustine society.

Family MembersEdit

  • Dr. Whitmore: He worked at Whitmore College and studied and experimented on the vampires he and his family captured. He was later killed by Damon Salvatore.
  • Aaron's father: He was killed by Damon when he, his wife and son, Aaron, were camping.
  • Aaron's mother: She was killed by Damon when she, her husband and son, Aaron, were camping.
  • Sarah Whitmore: She was Aaron's aunt and was recently killed during the summer of 2011 by Damon.
  • Aaron Whitmore: He was a student at Whitmore and provided for Augustine unknowingly (until he found out later on). He was killed by Damon, which ended the Whitmore bloodline.
  • Bartholomew Whitmore: He was a student at Mystic Falls High School. He took part in the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant in 2009, being Tina Fell's escort.

Family TreeEdit


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