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Whitmore College
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Virginia (possibly)

Whitmore College is the college which Jenna attended and it is also the same college that Elena, Caroline, Bonnie and Tyler are currently attending. Whitmore is the college where Sheila Bennett taught Occult Studies. The institution was seen for the first time in The Five. It is one of the main settings in Season Five.




Other Staff


In Catch Me If You Can, it is implied, if not explicitly stated, that the college is not in Mystic Falls or even the same county, as Sheriff Forbes could not legally arrest Shane on campus, because they were outside her jurisdiction. Legally, Sheriff Forbes must call in the local law enforcement to make the arrest, but instead she tells Shane that they better hurry and get him to Mystic Falls because it was a supernatural incident.

Inner locations

Elena and Caroline 3 TVD 5x01
Elena and Caroline's Dorm Room
Location Information

Elena Gilbert (formerly)
Caroline Forbes
Megan King(formerly)
Bonnie Bennett
Katherine Pierce(formerly)


Dorm Room

Elena and Caroline's Dorm Room is a location at Whitmore College. Originally they had intended to share with Bonnie, but they were surprised by the appearance of another roommate named Megan.


  • Elena and Caroline were unaware Megan would be their roommate; they were assuming their third roommate would eventually be Bonnie.
  • ​Caroline searches through Megan's belongings, apparently left behind in the dorm, for clues about her ties to Elena's father.
  • Elena tried to torture and kill Damon in the dorm room, compelled by Silas to feel the urge to kill him, using her anger about all the horrible things Damon had done in general. But Damon spat the vervained water in her face, snapping her out of it. She then restrained herself and snapped completely out of the 'compulsion' after Elena talks to Damon about her bad feeling about Stefan.
  • Katherine moves into the dorm room in Handle with Care until a spot opened up for Bonnie. Katherine also poses as Elena so the secret society wouldn't suspect Elena is a vampire.

Shane and bonnie at office
Atticus's Office
Location Information
  • Office

Professor Shane's office is located at Whitmore College. He kept many of the artifacts from his collection and spent much of his time here, and some of the times with Bonnie.

Season Four




  • Inner locations:
    • Atticus' Office
    • Elena and Caroline's Dorm Room
    • Whitmore House
  • Stefan's last name in the show was originally going to be "Whitmore" because it sounded American. Although, it was kept as "Salvatore" instead, which is Stefan's surname in the novels and Italian for "Savior".
  • In the books, Delcrest College was created mainly for the guardians, as well as for Elena, Stefan, Damon, Meredith, Zander, Bonnie, Matt, the Original Pack and other supernatural beings and humans. In this place, Klaus, Katherine, and Old One's servants were resurrected.
  • In TV Series, Damon goes with Elena and Bonnie to visit Whitmore College to learn more about supernatural beings. Because the Guardians, Phantoms, Kitsune, and other characters have not appeared, it is not known if the Whitmore College is a special place for the supernatural world.
  • Whitmore College is a few hours away from Mystic Falls.
  • In Miss Mystic Falls, one of the escorts is named Bartholomew Whitmore. It's possible he is related to the founders of the school.
  • The secret society on campus is called Augustine.
  • The college was first mentioned by Jenna in Season 2, when she was mad at Alaric and Elena for keeping Isobel a secret and she went away there to write her thesis.
  • During Seasons 4 and 5, there have been some main and recurring characters have visited or remained the Whitmore University without being students or staff members: Hayley Marshall, Connor Jordan, Rebekah Mikaelson, Silas, Qetsiyah, Stefan Salvatore, Damon Salvatore, Jeremy Gilbert, Tyler Lockwood, Katherine Pierce, Nadia Petrova, Lorenzo.


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