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The only time I've ever really been myself is when I'm with her.
Vincent to Josephine LaRue about his wife Eva in Exquisite Corpse

This relationship is between the witches, Vincent Griffith and Eva Sinclair.

Their relationship started very deep, but ended tragically as Eva went off the deep end to use children witches to promote her cause. They met as teenagers and later married each other. Due to Eva's obsession with obtaining power over the witch covens, this drove their marriage apart.


Vincent and Eva both met when they were sixteen years old during their student years. They were very happy. But things changed when children started to disappear and it became noticeable to Vincent that something was wrong.

Throughout The Originals Series

When Vincent and Eva finally reunited, Eva was so pleased and relieved to see him, although he was not. She pleaded with him to help her, which lead him to "help" her before betraying her by knocking her out, unconscious.

After Eva's "death", he burns a photo of her and him and watches it burn rendering his true feelings.


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