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Yeah, but my friend was one of those consequences that you just damned. He's hurt real bad, because you got sloppy. 'Cause you're sloppy, man. So, yeah, I'm-I'm gonna take the church back, and I'm making it into a sanctuary. Anybody can come. I don't care if they're human, I don't care if they're witch, I-I don't care if they're a vampire. As long as they are sick and tired of the same old, same old that you and your pathetic family are "Always and Forevering" about. And if you got a problem with that, Marcel, I will take a page from your playbook. Consequences be damned. Huh? Your Highness.
Vincent to Marcel in The Bloody Crown

Vincent Griffith is a main character and protagonist on The Originals. He is a very powerful witch, who is the former Regent of the Nine Covens and a former member of the Tremé Coven. He is the ex-husband of the witch, Eva Sinclair.

Vincent eventually left his coven, as he no longer was interested in being apart of the supernatural community, instead wishing to live his own life. He ultimately became a target for Esther Mikaelson because of this and she places her son's spirit, Finn Mikaelson, within him. Finn used Vincent's body throughout the second season and antagonized his brothers and their allies. Eventually, Vincent was freed from Finn's possession in They All Asked For You.

Upon regaining his own consciousness, Vincent expressed guilt for Finn's actions. He was approached by Marcel Gerard, who asked him to help them stop Eva Sinclair, as she had been causing trouble at the time. Vincent reluctantly agreed. Not long after, he was offered the role of Regent following Josephine LaRue's death. Vincent declined the offer and suggested Davina Claire become Regent. The Ancestors agreed and he began to mentor her.

In the third season, Vincent and Camille O'Connell worked closely with the police, attempting to solve who the murderer was killing random people in New Orleans. Eventually, Vincent gets Davina shunned with Marcel's help, as he didn't want the Strix harming her. Vincent is then elected as Regent by the Ancestors for a brief time, until being shunned in The Devil Comes Here and Sighs.

Following his impeachment, Vincent is working closely with the Mikaelson Family and their closest allies, in effort to kill Lucien Castle and stop the Ancestors once and for all.

Early History

Vincent Griffith was born to a long line of witches from the Tremé Coven, one of nine covens of witches present in the city of New Orleans. As he once told Camille, his family were some of the meanest witches New Orleans had ever known. Vincent was raised as a witch by his coven while also maintaining as normal a life as possible, going to college and having a job.

Vincent was considered to be a powerful witch by his coven and was apparently well regarded by the other witches of New Orleans (so much so that they later planned to offer him the position of regent). Throughout his time in New Orleans, Vincent lived in peace among the witches until the troubles with the vampires started again. The witch community remained divided over what to do: several covens refused to take part in the fighting while others sided with the vampires and others decided to do all they could to oppose them (such as the French Quarter Coven).

When Vincent was sixteen, he met Eva Sinclair, a talented and wild witch with whom he developed a romantic relationship and they eventually married. Although the witches were concerned about their relationship because of Eva's wild ways, they let them be because they were both happy. However, when Vincent learned Eva was pregnant, he tried to make the city safer for witches like his unborn child by increasing his power so he could defeat Marcel Gerard, who had ruled the city for nearly a century and kept the witches under his thumb. Vincent was unsuccessful in finding any magic powerful enough until a mysterious notebook appeared in his home one day, an instruction manual for sacrificial magic. Vincent studied it and practiced its magic, granting him immense strength given to him by a mysterious being even older than The Ancestors. Vincent showed the pregnant Eva this power and she became more enraptured by it than even he was, frightening him and making her promise to stop. She seemed to agree, though secretly kept using it.

In 2011, children from various covens started to go missing from different quarters of New Orleans. Each was a witch prodigy and their disappearance caused a great deal of fear in the witch community. Vincent assembled a team of witches from every single coven to track down the kidnapper and the kids but could not find them before they were submitted to a cloaking spell, preventing the use of locator spells. Vincent refused to give up however and managed to cast a locator spell on one of the kidnapped children before the cloaking spell went on. Catching glimpses of visions, Vincent discovered that it was Eva who had been kidnapping the children. He confronted her and captured her. She tried to convince him to help her in her plans: to use one child from each coven of New Orleans as a sacrifice to create a great power source and complete the Rite of Nines, to unite the witches under her, a powerful witch who could destroy the vampires.

However, Vincent refused to help her and tried to cleanse her of the sacrificial power he had shown her and the evil that had given it to him. He was unsuccessful and their unborn child was lost in the process. She was later imprisoned in the witch asylum at the Fauline Cottage. Disillusioned with the supernatural community, he left the Tremé Coven and began leading a life on his own. This left him vulnerable and he was captured by Esther as a vessel for her son, Finn Mikaelson.

Throughout The Originals Series

Vincent is first seen as Finn's vessel in From a Cradle to a Grave alongside the fourth Harvest girl Cassie, who is possessed by Finn's mother Esther.

Main article: Finn Mikaelson

From Rebirth to Sanctuary, Vincent is only seen as Finn's vessel.

In The Devil is Damned, while possessed by Finn, Vincent was killed in a gas explosion after a confrontation with Finn's younger brother Elijah Mikaelson.

Normal TheOriginals214-0398

Vincent after being resurrected.

In I Love You, Goodbye, Finn's older sister Freya Mikaelson performed a spell, reviving Finn's spirit within Vincent's body and began healing the burns that had been inflicted on her brother.
Normal TheOriginals215-1806

Vincent no longer inhabited by Finn

In They All Asked For You, Vincent makes his first real appearance after only being seen as Finn's vessel. After being mortally injured by Klaus, Freya quickly heals Finn and then draws his soul out of Vincent's body and into her talisman. Vincent regains himself for the first time in months since he was possessed, looking terrified and questioning who those around him were. Freya casts a spell that puts him to sleep, and it is presumed that Elijah then completes his deal with the witches and hands Vincent over in exchange for Eva Sinclair/Rebekah's freedom from her crimes.

In Save My Soul, Vincent learns from Marcel (who took him hostage, and put Lobelia flowers in his food, so he won't be able to concentrate and do magic) that he was possessed for nine months by Finn Mikaelson. Overwhelmed by his situation, he bonds with Cami who sees he's unlike the 'Vincent' she thought was her adviser. He later meets Rebekah Mikaelson, who is inhabits his wife's body. He then tells the original that he never thought he would see his wife again, after she was locked up in the Fauline Cottage.

Normal TheOriginals217-1234

Vincent reunited with his wife

In Exquisite Corpse, Marcel finds him drinking in a bar and asks him for his help to stop Eva, who has taken permanent control of her body. Vincent tells him about how the kidnappings started two years before and how he was the one who had discovered that it was Eva who had been snatching the children for a ritual designed to channel the magic of all nine witch covens in New Orleans; Eva needed to sacrifice a child from each coven, each with great potential, for her ritual to succeed. Eventually, Vincent agrees to help Marcel and they corner Eva in a herbal shop where Vincent interrogates his wife. She tells him that the children aren't dead and that they don't need to die for the ritual to be completed. Vincent incapacitates Marcel and frees Eva.

Normal TheOriginals217-2389

Vincent burns the picture of him and Eva

They then go to capture Josephine as the last sacrifice but, when Eva reveals the children, she also reveals that they do have to die. Vincent knocks her out, as he had pretended to go along with her plan to find the children. He is then sent into Eva's mind by Freya Mikaelson with Marcel to save Rebekah. In a final confrontation with Eva, Vincent tries to kill her but fails just before she is killed by Rebekah. Vincent is later seen burning a picture of himself and Eva back in the bar.

In City Beneath The Sea, Vincent tells Camille that the witches want him to succeed Josephine as Regent but he refuses and instead offers Davina the job. He tells her that, as regent, she would have the power of the Ancestors of all the nine covens which would allow to bring back her dead boyfriend, Kol.

Normal originals221 02664

Vincent sees Davina become regent

In Fire with Fire, Vincent tries to convince the Elders that Davina is their best chance at having a powerful regent. When Davina herself manages to convince them, he participates in the ritual which sees her appointed as regent.

Normal originals222 02964

Vincent watches Davina closely

In Ashes to Ashes, Vincent warns Davina that she should be careful by bringing Kol back, as he was still a Mikaelson and they were known to remain together when push came to shove. He later talks to Camille about her feelings for Klaus and his own feelings towards magic. She then convinces him to remain in New Orleans to advise Davina to be a good witch, not like his parents or the witches who came before them. Vincent is last seen attending a witch gathering led by Davina, who plans to wage war against the Mikaelsons for tricking her into bringing Esther back from the dead instead of Kol.

Normal originals301 00631

Vincent and Cami at the crime scene

In For the Next Millennium, Vincent brought Camille to a crime scene that he had been asked to consult in the investigation due to its occult nature. He explained that he has had that sort of relationship with the police since he was trying to stop his wife. Vincent introduced her to Detective Will Kinney who showed them the crime scene. The victim looked to have been compelled to stay in place while someone carved up his face into a scarred smile. Suspecting it was a vampire, Cami and Vincent asked Marcel what he knew but he reminded them that his vampires weren't the only ones in town. Later, after a second victim had been found, Vincent sparred with Marcel in his fighting ring, taking out his aggression. Marcel responded by scolding Vincent for not helping Davina lead the witches since he was the one who put her in that position.
Normal TO303 1020

Vincent questions Lucien

In I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans, Vincent and Cami went to the police station where Klaus' old friend Lucien Castle was being questioned by Kinney about the murders. When Lucien demanded to speak to Cami directly, Vincent went into the interview room with her. Vincent was very sure that Lucien was guilty and sarcastically accused him of the crimes. Lucien pleaded innocent, telling them the story of how he became a vampire and how the crimes reflected what had been done to him a millennium ago. Vincent remained unconvinced and when Klaus arrived to break up the meeting, Vincent thought that Klaus should get rid of Lucien since he still thought he was guilty. However, that night, Vincent and Cami looked over the research, frustrated that it seemed to not be Lucien and was someone else.

In The Axeman's Letter, he and Cami are walking down a street and they talk about the Axeman Jazz Festival. He tells her about the Axeman and how he was actually a witch, not a vampire. He tells her the day the Axeman chose was called Fête de Cadeau, which is the day that every witch gives a gift to the city in the hopes that the city gives one back. He asks if she thinks Lucien is still involved in the murderers and as they talk about him, they spot Lucien and they follow him. After Cami makes a sarcastic comment about Lucien being honored about the murders happening, Vincent tells her everybody likes a charismatic killer, and they should know.


Vincent talking with Cami

He tells her there's a reason why he doesn't practice magic anymore because he was drawn to Eva's darkness and he'll always be on guard against that part of himself. After they look at each other and then at Lucien again, he vanishes and Vincent realizes he was stringing them along. He then looks back and sees that Cami has disappeared too, and he becomes worried while saying her name. He then finds Cami and he talks that he could've done something, and he agrees with her about her statement of not being able to use cops to take down a vampire, but she could someone like him, i.e., a witch. Will comes to the crime scene and asks if Vincent was here for the whole thing and he tries to defend Cami that she was trying to save the victim, but it was too late. Will then arrests her and takes her with him, leaving Vincent shocked at the turn of events.

In Beautiful Mistake, Vincent is led to believe that Cami is at home watching The Real Housewives in her PJ's so he wouldn't get suspicious.

In Out of the Easy, His plan to cast Davina out of the witch community was successful after Marcel approached him for help in keeping her safe from The Strix.

In Savior, Vincent is elected the new Regent and is threatened by Tristan who tells him that he could have him repossessed by Finn if he didn't help out The Strix with magic.

In A Ghost Along the Mississippi, Vincent is first seen being pestered by Tristan de Martel about casting a spell. Vincent reluctantly agrees, but only if he gets Freya's Talisman in return. Tristan agrees and Vincent casts the spell. However, Tristan didn't truly keep his word. The next day, Vincent is being watched by Strix vampires and a witch. He taunts the witch, asking her about her coven. The witch ignores him at first, but when he learns of the coven she's in, he says they probably aren't too proud of her. Vincent then asks her why she's serving the Strix, and she doesn't answer. A vampire attacks Vincent and he manages to cast a spell, knocking stones onto the vampire's head. He then proceeds to cast a death hex spell on the witch, which slowly killed her.

Vincent is then attacked by a vampire, and Vincent uses his magic to break part of a spiky fence and use it as a stake. He attempts to stake the last vampire, but is overpowered. Elijah Mikaelson arrives just in time and saves him. Freya's talisman is on the ground and Vincent tries to reach for it, but Elijah grabbed it. Elijah then asks Vincent for some assistance. Vincent threatens him and remarks, saying "he's done with vampire business", but he ends up helping Elijah anyway.


Vincent attacking the Strix

A plan is organized, where Vincent stands in the middle of the road, awaiting a Strix vehicle. One of the vampires in the vehicle order the other to "run him down". Vincent casts a powerful spell, flipping the vehicle. The vampires emerge, but Elijah shows up just in time to kill them. Vincent later speaks his mind to Niklaus Mikaelson and Elijah, involving Camille O'Connell and her vampirism.

Vincent is seen that night visiting the graveyard. He encounters Camille O'Connell, who is still refusing to embrace her vampirism. Vincent inspires her, telling her she can change the world with the good of her heart and that the world is a much better place with her in it. He ends up slitting his wrist and allowing Cami to feed on his blood, thus completing her transition.

In Dead Angels, Vincent casts a cloaking spell in Lafayette Cemetery so Cami won't be found by the Mikaelsons. He tries to explain to her that she stole the one thing that could kill the Mikaelsons and she's bargaining her own life as well, since others could come after the weapon.

OR312a 0234b

Vincent talking to Klaus

Vincent is seen leaning against one of the tombs and Klaus lunges at him, but he is blocked by the boundary spell Vincent put up. While Cami and Klaus bicker, Vincent decides to leave, but tells them they might want to finish it up before someone finds out about the weapon. Cami is walking anxiously and Vincent says Klaus has a lot of witch weapons to pack and a lot of pride to swallow. Cami asks if he feels sorry for him, and Vincent tells her no, but she irritated the wrong person and it will be different for them. He tells her that Klaus trusted her and let her into his life, and that girl wouldn't never have stolen the one thing that could kill him, which Cami declares that girl died.

While night has fallen, Vincent and Cami are still oblivious that Klaus is outside because of the spell Madison has cast. A strong wind blows and Vincent is concerned and decides to step out to see what is happening. Vincent tells Cami they aren't alone and that the boundary spell is to keep a vampire out. Vincent confronts the Sisters and they throw both him and Cami against the wall in the tomb. He tells Cami to run with the wooden knight while he deals with the Sisters. Klaus confronts Vincent and Cami, and Vincent decides to leave her and Klaus be as he doesn't want to deal with their bickering any longer.

In An Old Friend Calls, Vincent is seen training in St. Anne's Church with Camille while they talk about the fact that Klaus has chosen not to kill Aurora and Cami remarks that when a time comes that Aurora manages to get out she would be ready for her. Klaus arrives and asks to speak with Cami in private as his therapist. Klaus brings Cami to a cafe and after a short section, Cami informs Klaus that she could no longer be his therapist on account that she doesn't see herself fit to give advice when her own life is such a mess.

OR315a 270

Vincent training with Cami

Cami goes to Rousseau's to find her co-workers and all the customers compelled in silence, she spots Vincent and Cortez in the back room, she rushes to Vincent's side but Cortez gets in the way and threatens her and everyone in the bar. Vincent distracts Cortez, allowing Cami time to send an SOS to Klaus, however Cortez notices and slams her head on the door frame knocking her out. When Cami reawakens she reminds Cortez that Vincent was of no use to him if he died before finishing, he snaps at her to shut up and at Vincent to hurry but instead Vincent falls to his side and begins convulsing causing Cami to run to his side. Klaus arrives and begins taunting Cortez's imminent death, but Cami calls his name causing him to take notice of the three men Cortez had compelled to hold knives to the bar patrons throats. Cortez gives Klaus the same warning to Klaus as he did Cami as to what would happen if he made a move for him. Klaus chooses to throw a stake at Cortez and uses his vampire speed to snap the neck of the three men, Cami rushes to them and attempts to feed them her blood to save them but it didn't work as they where already dead. Klaus informs her that it is no use, she stands glaring at him angrily and shoves him out of her way and leaves.

Vincent is seen sitting with Cami somewhere in the French Quarter as they speak of Cami's previous encounter with Klaus that day, Vincent questions why she had lied to Klaus, to which she tells him that he was more than willing to kill and his inability to protect her from Aurora and his unwillingness to kill her after what she had done to her.

In Alone with Everybody, after Vincent discovered the location of remaining White Oak bullet, he was approached by Sofya and her men, who are after the bullet aswell. As he knocked out her teammates, Sofya quickly appeared behind him and bit his neck, taking the bullet for herself. While Marcel and Josh were having a conversation about the possibility of bullet, which was offered online to the highest bidder, being a fake, Vincent showed up and told them about his encounter with Sofya. Later, after Marcel tracked down and finally captured Sofya, Vincent once again tried to find out who's she working for, a question which Sofya refused to answer as she'd be as good as dead. In that very moment, The Ancestors took control over Vincent's mind, showing him images of the prophecy coming to life. Convinced by the Ancestors that instead of killing her, he should help Sofya achieve common goal, Vincent released her.

In Behind the Black Horizon, Vincent is taken to Mystic Falls by Lucien where he's force to do the spell to make him into The Beast.

In The Devil Comes Here and Sighs, Vincent is confronted by Van for allying himself with the Mikaelson Family. They get into a heated argument which ends in the Ancestors taking Vincent's title and magic as Regent away and giving it to Van. This leaves Vincent doubtful he could still do magic in the center of Lafayette cemetery. He decides to help and he and Davina channel each other in order to perform a Disenchantment spell upon the safe house disenchantment spell that Van cast upon St.James Infirmary.

In No More Heartbreaks, Vincent and company believe that like Kluas' blood, Lucien's blood may be the key to reversing the effects of the poison that is affecting Cami. Vince returns to Cami's apartment and performs a variant blood gather spell to collect what remains of Lucien's blood. Cami drinks the blood, though has little effect and does not heal her. Vincent plead with Freya to heal Cami, going so far to have her channel him to cast a healing spell (she claims that will not stop the inevitable), to place her soul in her pendent like she did with Finn (she claims it can only house the souls of her family since Dahlia created it), or even place her soul into another body (claims the possession wont take hold because she wouldn't accept it). Ultimately Vincent and Freya fails to save Cami's life which leaves Vincent sadden and guilt ridden.

In Where Nothing Stays Buried, Vincent consecrated Davina stating ancestral witches could alway be brought however he needed Van to do to a Resurrection spell for her. Vincent teams up with Kol to kidnapped him however the spell is a failure as Freya who desperately needed The Ancestors magic used Davina as a conduit to steal it. Vincent angrily confronts Freya for this action.

In Give 'Em Hell Kid, Vincent attends Davina and Cami's separated wakes vengeful he goes into The Ancestral Plane with Kol with Josh as their link to the living world where Vincent summons Davina through a spell to her a mystical dark object his wife made to cut off The Ancestors from their Descendants. Davina sends Vincent back first so she could have some privacy with Kol. After both are back Davina activates the dark object and the Lafayette cemetery begins shaking, implying the end of the Ancestors' presence among the living witches.

In The Bloody Crown, Vincent tries to convince Marcel to tone down his revenge plot against the Mikaelson family. However, Vincent later witnesses the aftermath and sees Marcel sitting alone in the Mikaelson Compound. Vincent criticizes Marcel for causing carnage and compared Marcel to being just like the Mikaelson family. Vincent then tells Marcel that he will no longer allow him or anyone else to place innocent peoples' lives in danger.


Vincent leads a sanctuary for the supernatural community

In Gather Up the Killers, five years after Marcel's defeat of the Mikaelsons, Vincent's plans of developing a sanctuary in New Orleans had come to fruition. He had transformed the church into a safe haven and was leading the witches in a peaceful time for the city. He warned them to be weary during the anniversary of the Mikaelsons' fall as vampires from all over the world flocked to New Orleans to celebrate Klaus's suffering. Marcel enlisted Vincent to help him in a power play by creating a barrier for Klaus to be brought to to display him for the visiting vampires. Vincent begrudgingly helped but afterward confronted Klaus while reinforcing the barrier he was kept in during his imprisonment, asking him what Camille would think of not being the good man she believed he could be.


Vincent confronts the mysterious blue light

In No Quarter, Vincent learned that the son of a witch he was interested in Maxine, had gone missing. Vincent vowed to help find him and Maxine gave him a protective charm to keep with him in his search. Vincent went looking for her son, Adam Folsom, having heard from Will Kinney that children were going missing around abandoned houses. Vincent ventured to one of these houses but didn't find Adam. Instead, he found a mysterious blue light that threw him against the wall. Vincent tried to defend himself against the light but would have been overpowered if not for the charm Maxine gave him. Recognizing the light and its power, he pulled out a book he kept locked in a safe and called Marcel, desperately telling him that the whole city was in danger from what he had just discovered.


Vincent warns Will to stay away

In Haunter of Ruins, Vincent tried to burn the book he had taken from the safe before speaking with Marcel who wondered why he was panicking over one missing witch boy and how that meant the whole city was in danger. Vincent reminded Marcel of his wife, Eva, who Marcel remembered had also taken children. Vincent explained that Eva hadn't always been the evil witch Marcel remembered, and that something evil had gotten inside of her and twisted her up, and that same evil that corrupted his wife might have returned, and if it had, more kids would be taken. To confirm it, he had Will use his police resources to find any more reports on missing kids, which there were three. When Will suggested it might not be Vincent's kind of case and he'd let him know if anything supernatural was connected, Vincent brushed off the notion, knowing the truth. He told Will to keep he and the police out of it since it was too dangerous for them but Will persisted, not wanting to leave Vincent alone. When Vincent revealed he had Marcel helping him, Marcel arrived and told Vincent that some of his vampires had spotted activity at the old Strix mansion, which had been boarded up for years. When Marcel saw the book Vincent had been burning hours ago was still in tact, Vincent cryptically told him to keep that book far away from him that if he tried to even take the book from Marcel, to kill him without question.


Vincent and Marcel discuss their past

Vincent went out with Marcel to the old Strix base, and explained what they were up against, saying it involved both of their pasts. Vincent told him that back when Marcel controlled the city and had the witches under his thumb, Vincent wanted to take him down to make the city safer for witches and tried to gain more power to do so, power Marcel wouldn't have been able to defend against. The notebook had mysteriously come to him one day, a sacrificial magic instruction manual with magic Vincent had never seen. Marcel brushed it off as him not being the first witch to make sacrifices to his ancestors but Vincent assured him that whatever he had once sacrificed to was older than the Ancestors and had never been given a name. When pressed on where the book came from, Vincent told Marcel that was the strangest part; that it was in his handwriting and he didn't remember ever writing it. They discussed the past and how Marcel didn't know Vincent back when he was with Eva but Vincent sure knew him from the damage he had done to the witches at the time. Vincent elaborated on how he had convinced Eva to try out the sacrificial magic and she went even further than him, which turned her into the monster Marcel knew.


Vincent stops the zealot

When they got to the mansion, Marcel went in first to find a witch preparing to use the children in a ritual. The witch incapacitated Marcel before Vincent knocked him over the head. Much to his surprise, the witch recognized him and was happy to see him, telling Vincent that the being they sacrificed to wanted him there. When the witch zealot told him that the being they worshipped resided in all of them and had loved his wife, an enraged Vincent attacked the man and tried to defeat him with magic but was overpowered. The witch prepared to kill Vincent but he was saved by Marcel. The witch then tried to further the spell with the children, knocking them out, Vincent grabbed the man from behind and held a knife to his throat. The witch told him that Vincent had given it breath and now it had to be fed. As the children's condition worsened, Vincent slit the witch's throat and used a spell to save the kids from having their life force drained. A healed Adam was happy to see Vincent but Marcel and Vincent realized whatever had threatened the children was targeting Hope Mikaelson. While Marcel proclaimed Vincent a hero, Vincent warned him that if Hope really was linked to that spell, she was going to die, so Marcel had to bring back the Mikaelsons despite his protests so he could heal Hope. Vincent sent the Mikaelsons a message that he could help Hope, knowing she was already experiencing the affliction.

In Keepers of the House,


Vincent is shown to be witty and head strong. He has a dislike for vampires and shows no fear of them, however, he does fear Finn Mikaelson due to being possessed by him for nine months. He apparently left his Coven of his own free will, giving up on being a Witch due to events in his life nine months prior which may include the fact that his wife Eva went on a killing spree Harvesting the young witches in the community.

Vincent has a desire to leave New Orleans, and the supernatural conflicts in it. Seemingly tired of the whole thing. He seems to be empathic, a trait shared with Cami whom he has taking a liking to. Suggesting, like himself, she break away from the Supernatural in general.

Vincent has also shown to be a compassionate man, feeling remorse for the actions Finn performed while possessing him, even though Vincent himself is not responsible. Furthermore, he takes it upon himself to help get rid of Eva, despite desiring to get away from the supernatural community.

In Savior, he took up the title of Regent as he decides to stop holding back from Witchcraft, after being effectively taunted by Marcel for his poor choices of candidates. However, Vincent warned Marcel that his rule will be stricter and not be in favor to vampires. However The Ancestors shunned him after noticing he wasn't loyal to their cause while Vincent himself noted he just wanted to keep the peace not to be used as a puppet.

Physical Appearance

He is a young African American man with shaved black hair and aristocratic facial features. He also has a clean and well-groomed beard and mustache. He generally wears leather jackets, hoodies, and casual attire, though when possessed by Finn Mikaelson, he dressed in Finn's fashion sense, with more aristocratic and high-class clothing such as button-down shirts and sweater-vests.

Powers and Abilities

Despite Vincent's disinterest in magic, he was shown as a very powerful witch, in terms of the large amounts of power he can handle channeling. Such demonstrations of power mainly occurred during Finn's possession of Vincent's body. By Esther's own admission, the body of a powerful witch was chosen as Finn's vessel while that of a weaker one was given to Kol.


It is repeatedly shown that Vincent's power was great enough to subdue two Original Vampires, Elijah and Klaus, with the latter also being the Hybrid. Finn was also, with Vincent's magic able to send an adult werewolf flying through the air, as well as be able to rip out the heart of a hybrid, given the right circumstances. With the sacrifice of the Original Vampire Mikael, a limitless source of power, it was further implied and proven that Vincent was a very powerful witch, as his body easily handled all of the power repeatedly 'bleeding' out from Mikael, while Finn himself utilized that power, as well as the strength of his host body. Still, Vincent's magic paled in comparison to that of a centuries-old and powerful witch named Freya, the sister of Finn. After Vincent was freed of Finn's possession, it is revealed that despite the great power he possesses, Vincent wants nothing to do with his coven and the witch communities overall. Thus, the amount of knowledge he has regarding Witchcraft remains unknown.


Following Vincent's disagreement with the recent decisions of the Ancestors and the fact that they completely assumed control over his actions, Vincent realized that they posed a large threat though attempted to contact them. However, the Ancestors stripped him of the Regency and dissolved Vincent's connection to their power, leaving him magically weakened due to the fact that he aligned himself with the Mikaelson family, while making Van Nguyen the new Regent of the nine covens of New Orleans. However, Vincent was still able to break Van's spell with Davina's aid though he presumed it would not work. After Davina's death, and subsequent soul shredding, he and Kol traveled to the Ancestral plane, where he conjured forth her soul, seemingly bringing her back to that plane of existence. While attempting to severe the Ancestors connection to the physical world with Eva's dark object, they were forced back to their bodies by Davina, giving them a chance to live out the rest of their lives with her sacrifice.

During the five years following Klaus' captivity, he cast and continually reinforced the boundary spell that contained him. The spell was powerful enough that other witches, like Freya, could not destroy it but only temporary breach it for mere moments. He's continued to excel at salt-bound boundary spells as he was able to create one to allow others to enter, but not leave, as well as to contain an Original. He continues to display his magical knowledge as he is well versed in a variety of spells. He was able to use a revelation spell to partially reveal a new, powerful sinister force; a source of dark magic that he's used before. After his confrontation, he had to perform a cleansing ritual upon himself. Vincent also utilized the practice of blood magic, incorporating his blood into his spells, to unseal a small safe in St. Anne's Church to retrieve a book, an instruction manual, on dark, sacrificial magic. Having dealt with the magic in his past he was able to reverse a dark sacrificial spell placed upon four children by using a cleansing spell on New Orleans soil.

Upon assuming Regency of New Orleans' Witch community, Vincent's powers were augmented to levels beyond any conventional witch, as seen numerous times. Vincent managed to activate the Serratura, a Dark Object that can contain and imprison anything. This is a feat, that by Tristan DeMartel's own admission can only be performed with the power of a Regent. Soon after becoming Regent he was able to effectively use telekinesis on a great scale, as seen when he easily caused a car crash. Freya was able to use Vincent's power (channelling him) to create an illusion that disguised Camille - who was in transition at the time - as Aurora. As the Regent he has a unique connection to all of the Ancestors from the 9 covens and can communicate with them even outside of of New Orleans.

TO310 Vincent01

Vincent as Regent activating the Serratura

Vincent was able to subdue ancient vampires using pain infliction spells. That was proven during his encounter with the vampire Sofya and her companions. He easily subdued them, but when he turned against her his magic was rendered useless. It remains unclear whether this is the doing of the Ancestors or some other method that Sofya had applied on herself to make herself immune against magic, but it most likely was the doing of the Ancestors, who were working with Lucien; Sofya's boss. He can easily snap a vampire's neck in seconds, like he did to Josh while under the influence of the Ancestors. He can also easily hex his targets to death without any incantations, by causing them to rapidly bleed out, as seen with the Obi witch he killed. He can also perform locator spells without much effort and was even able to cloak Camile and himself from Freya's locator spells. He was also able to anesthetize Freya. Although, it has to be noted that Freya was caught by surprise. His great power was demonstrated even further when he cast a different version of the Immortality Spell created 2,000 years ago by Qetsiyah, one of the most powerful witches in history and repeated 1,000 years later by yet another witch who was one of the most powerful witches in history, Esther. This version of the spell included the following: werewolf venom from all seven werewolf clans, the last remaining fragment of the white oak and the blood of a Mikaelson witch. With this version of the Immortality Spell, he successfully turned Lucien into an Enhanced Original Vampire or the Beast of the prophecy by Alexis.


Vincent has the typical weaknesses of a witch/human.

As the Regent of New Orleans, Vincent had augmented magical powers, given to him by the Ancestors, making him the strongest witch within all of New Orleans. However, those powers came at a very high price. The Ancestors interfered with his personal free will, forcing him into magical subjugation, even inflicting magical pain upon him.


Eva Sinclair

Main article: Vincent and Eva

Vincent and Eva both met when they were sixteen years old during their student years. They were very happy. When Vincent and Eva finally reunited, Eva was so pleased and revealed to see him although he was not. She pleaded with him to help her, which lead him to 'help' her before betraying her by knocking her out, unconscious. After Eva's 'death', he burns a photo of her and him and watches it burn, rendering his true feelings.

Camille O'Connell

Main article: Vincent and Camille
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Camille met Vincent after Finn was expelled from his body. Cami tried to reassure Vincent that he was not guilty of Finn's crimes, and the two appear to be becoming allies and friends. They both find themselves having similar interests in the study of psychology, often analyzing one another. In Season 3, they are working together to stop supernatural crime in New Orleans. They also appear closer in friendship and trust. Cami unfortunately dies in No More Heartbreaks and Vincent's grief for her causes him to be completely broken emotionally and physically.

Other Relationships

  • Davina and Vincent (Friends/Former Allies)
  • Marcel and Vincent (Former Friends/Former Allies/Enemies)
  • Vincent and Tristan (Enemies)
  • Elijah and Vincent (Former Allies/Frenemies)
  • Klaus and Vincent (Former Allies)
  • Freya and Vincent (Former Allies/Friends)
  • Will and Vincent (Friends/Allies)


Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Episode Absence

In Season Two, Vincent does not appear in two episodes, while a main character:

In Season Three, Vincent does not appear in seven episodes:


  • Vincent means "Victorious" and the origin of the name is Latin.
  • Griffith means "fighting chief, fierce, strong warrior or lord" and is Welsh.


  • It is possible that Vincent's family are all dead, or that he was estranged from them since it's known that Esther carefully picked hosts who would not be missed.
    • In Save My Soul is revealed that Esther was able to kidnap him because Vincent had cut all ties with the coven and his family, living a life away from magic.
  • He told Cami that he defected from his coven.
  • His real occupation is unknown as he has faked being an adviser of a university while being possessed.
  • He was Davina's successor as Regent as of Savior until he got shunned less than a year later.
  • He was born and raised in New Orleans.
  • Yusuf Gatewood has stated that Vincent's favorite condiment is mustard, but this is unconfirmed and may simply be a joke.
  • He is the first non-lead character to reach an episode count of 20 in a single season.
  • In Ashes to Ashes, it is revealed Vincent has a tattoo on his chest, but is not known what it is exactly as it was partially covered by his shirt.
  • While inhabited by Finn, Vincent's body received a number of injuries:
    • Shot by two arrows, one in the shoulder and the other in the leg by Jackson Kenner.
    • Bitten violently by Elijah.
    • Kept trapped in coffin with very little air for an extended period of time.
    • Stabbed by a knife thrown by Elijah.
    • Blown up in a gas explosion caused by Elijah.
    • Stabbed by a piece of fence thrown by Klaus.
  • He is often called in by the local P.D for assenting them in cases which seems occult and aftermath of some black magic.
  • He has some experience in hand to hand fighting, sparring with Marcel in his ring.
  • The Ancestors practically forced Vincent to cast the third version of the Immortality spell (though Lucien had gotten a coven of witches to reverse engineer its predecesor; Esther's version, along with procuring the ingredients and requirements for the spell). Its predecesors are as follows:
    • 1st Version: The Immortality spell (Qetsiyah; creator, and Silas; conceptor of idea).
    • 2nd Version: The Original Vampires (Esther).



22galeria Vincent Griffith has a photo gallery.


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