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Vanessa Monroe
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  • 20th century
  • Alive
  • Research Assistant
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  • Unknown
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Vanessa Monroe is a human. She is described as a very attractive, smart, and young grad student who assisted Damon and Alaric with their werewolf research at Alaric’s former college, Duke University. She is tied up in Isobel's former research on supernatural species.

Season Two

Vanessa is a student at the Duke University where she guided Alaric, Elena, and Damon to Isobel's office in order to find any research on werewolves. She wanted to ask Alaric how Isobel was, but Alaric preferred to keep it quiet. After entering the office, Vanessa walked out quietly and came back in with a crossbow. She aimed it right at Elena, but Damon sped in front, allowing the arrow to hit him instead. Alaric spoke to her, and wanted to find out why she did that. Whilst Elena was pulling the arrow out of Damon's back. Vanessa explained to Alaric that she read Isobel's research about what happened in 1864. She thought that Katherine and Damon were both dead at that time, but Elena explains who they are and what they were looking for.

Later, she explained the sun and moon curse to Elena, Damon and Alaric. She also explain more about legends regarding Doppelgängers to Elena, who was worried about her physical similarites to Katherine.

Damon called her the "hottie".


Season 2


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