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The Immortality Spell
Esther performing the spell on Alaric
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This spell (called the Immortality Spell) is a ritual used to transform mortals into immortals. A variation of the spell has been used to turn mortals into vampires, and werewolves into hybrids. The original spell was invented by Silas and Qetsiyah, as it was his idea. He then manipulated Qetsiyah to complete and cast the spell. The spell was first used on both Silas and Amara. It was then modified and performed by Esther, 1,000 years later. Esther performed the spell at her husband Mikael's request, in order to protect her family from the werewolves in their village. This act gave rise to the race of vampires.


Immortality TVD 5x03
The Elixir and the Cure
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Silas wanted to live forever with his one true love, Amara. So, he manipulated Qetsiyah into believing that he loved her and wanted to marry her so that she would create a spell that would allow them to live forever. Silas invented the spell, and she cast the spell in the form of an elixir, which was intended to be drunk by both Qetsiyah and Silas during their wedding. On the day of their wedding, Silas stole the elixir and used it to make himself and Amara immortal, Qetsiyah's handmaiden, the first immortals. Infuriated by Silas and Amara's betrayal, Qetsiyah created a cure to reverse the immortality spell. Then, Qetsiyah confronted and desiccated Amara, before she faked Amara's death. She then confronted Silas with the cure, and lied that she killed Amara showing him a heart and suggesting it was hers, in order to see if he would choose to take cure and be mortal with her for the rest of their lives.

Silas was furious when he heard that she killed Amara, and when it became clear that he would not take the cure and be with her, Qetsiyah took drastic measures and entombed him on an island with the cure, in hopes that he would eventually take it, which would result in him becoming stuck on The Other Side. The Other Side was a supernatural purgatory that Qetsiyah created with the sole intention of trapping his soul when he died. However, realizing Qetsiyah's intent, possibly from his mind reading, and out of love and devotion for Amara, he refused to take it and laid entombed for 2,000 years.

Esther, the mother of the Original family.
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The Original Family is also known as the Mikaelson Family. They are known as the Original family because they were thought to be the first vampires ever made. Technically, they still are, because as Silas explained in I Know What You Did Last Summer, he is a true immortal who happens to drink blood, not a vampire. The Original family have different characteristics than Silas. While the Originals have super-speed, super-strength, super-senses, and super-healing, Silas only has super-healing and his powerful psychic abilities that allow him to read minds, compel people, and create illusions.

The parents of the Original family are Esther and her husband Mikael. Esther and Mikael had their first child in Europe, but eventually lost him to a plague that struck their homeland. Fearing for the lives of their future children, the two relocated to the New World with Esther's mentor and close friend, Ayana, where they had more children. Their names are, from oldest to youngest; Elijah, FinnNiklaus, KolRebekah, and Henrik. Ayana was told by the spirits of nature that there was a land with people that had been blessed with speed and strength, so they embarked there to start their family. During this time the Mikaelson family made peace with it's neighbors and they all lived together happily. The native people in this new country were werewolves.

During a full moon, Niklaus and Henrik, who wanted to see the men turn into wolves, decided to go out at night to watch them transform, which was forbidden. One of the werewolves ultimately attacked and killed Henrik. Niklaus brought Henrik's body back to his mother, hoping she could use her magic to help heal him, but she was unable to do so. After losing Henrik, Esther and Mikael spoke with Ayana about a possible way of protecting their children from the werewolves. They wanted to protect what family they had left, but Ayana was not willing to perform the spell, as she believed it was an abomination of nature. This left Esther to do the spell by herself, at her husband's urging.

Casters of the Immortality SpellEdit

  • Qetsiyah
  • Esther

How The Spell Works/Spell's PerformanceEdit

After losing Henrik, Esther attempts a spell that will give her children the protection they need from the werewolves. Despite Ayana's protests, Esther uses a special spell that would give her children speed and strength beyond that of the werewolves. The spell involved the use of dark magic-- since the spell challenged the will of nature, spirit magic would not be valid. Esther used the blood of a Petrova Doppelgänger known as Tatia to bind the spell. She then called upon the sun for life, as well as the ancient White Oak Tree for immortality. She then gave her children wine laced with Tatia's blood. Mikael then thrust his sword through the hearts of his children. They children soon came back to life and completed their transition with the consumption of human blood from a servant girl. Soon after completing their transition into the vampires, the spirits of nature turned against them. The sun which was used in the spell could burn them. The herb vervain, which grew at the base of the White Oak Tree, could also burn them upon contact, and it could prevent them from compelling people. Furthermore, since the white oak tree was used in the spell to give them immortality, the wood from the white oak tree could kill the Originals if they were staked in the heart with it.

Rebekah, Elijah & Klaus
Elijah and Niklaus with Rebekah after becoming vampires.
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It was also revealed shortly afterward that Niklaus was not Mikael's son. Esther had a secret affair with one of the villagers, who was a werewolf. When Niklaus killed his first human after feeding on them, he triggered the curse necessary to turn a human into a werewolf. This made Klaus into the first vampire-werewolf hybrid. This spell has been used a few times to date. It was first used two thousand years ago on Silas and Amara. A modified version of the spell was first used over a thousand years ago on Esther's children and her husband. A different modification of the spell was used again in 2010 on Alaric Saltzman. This means that the spell was used at least 3 times in history.

Alaric after turning into a vampire using the immortality spell.
Over 1,000 years later, Esther made use of the same dark magic that was used by her during the immortality spell, and she turned Alaric into an Enhanced-Original vampire. Alaric was an Original by species, but not by blood, as the version of the immortality spell Esther used on him was different from that of her children. Alaric is far younger than the other Originals, but with much greater power and without the weakness to white oak wood. Although Esther used a similar spell for Alaric, though the parameters were adjusted in some ways:
  • The spell used the blood of a different Petrova doppelgänger, Elena Gilbert, who is a descendant of Tatia, and whose blood possesses the same kind of power. The spell used Elena Gilbert's life force, rather than the ancient white oak tree, for immortality. As a result of this, Alaric could not be killed using wood from the tree, was not affected by the white oak ash laced daggers, and was immune to regular stakes; this is seen when Alaric attacked Rebekah, and Caroline brought the white-oak stake to save her. The two attempted driving the stake into his heart, but it did nothing to harm or kill him. As a result of his immortality being tied to Elena's life force, it meant that if Elena died in any way, he would die as well. This was confirmed by Alaric in Before Sunset and demonstrated when Elena died in The Departed. This ingredient is necessary, as no witch can create a truly immortal being, so every immortality spell must always provide a loophole, as stated by Bonnie Bennett in Before Sunset.
  • Vervain still affected Alaric. There are a few possible reasons for that:
    1. According to Rebekah's story, vervain supposedly affected the originals because it grew at the base of the white oak tree that gave them their immortality. This could mean Rebakah was possibly unaware if or else there was an additional step to the spell.
    2. Esther used her talisman to channel massive amounts of magical energy. It contained vervain which is why she probably never needed to use magic herbs in her spell - it was always with her. Both times the spell was performed by Esther. This meant vervain was always indirectly used in the spell, so it could explain why both Alaric as well as the Originals and their vampire descendants abilities suffer from the effects of vervain.
  • It is unknown why, but despite his young age, Alaric became much stronger than the other Original vampires/hybrid. Vampires grow stronger with age, but despite the fact that Alaric was a newly turned vampire, he was still able to overpower Rebekah with relative ease and even Klaus. That is a lot since Klaus is a hybrid. A few theories on how that might be as follows:
    1. Alaric was turned in the old cemetery, around the place Klaus ripped Esther's heart from her chest. This made the cemetery a hotspot, as Bonnie puts it. It gave Esther power enough to fight Bonnie completely, while channeling a massive spell at the same time. It made Alaric's transformation special. He is still burned by the sunlight, but is more impervious to it, suggesting he can use a greater amount of the sun's gift of natural energy as his strength.
    2. Esther made the Originals powerful enough to fend themselves off werewolves - they had to be stronger and more agile. However, Alaric was made to kill the Originals (and, by proxy, their vampire offspring) so he had to be even stronger than them. The spell was cast keeping in mind Alaric's need of strength.
  • Esther chose Alaric because he had suffered a lot at the hands of vampires. She took advantage of his many deaths while wearing the Gilbert Ring by using the darkness he was already being given from dying so often, and manipulating him into becoming more cold and uncompromising regarding vampire. Hence, even after feeding once to turn himself, he does not succumb to any type of blood-lust, and did not become the type of "monster" the Originals became, as Esther predicted.
  • Since he does not exhibit bloodlust, which is the trademark characteristic of the species historically known as vampires, it would not be right to call him that. As the immortality spell was used on him, he is an immortal, which is still incorrect as he lives only as long as Elena will. Drinking human blood did not give him pleasure, it was merely a life source for him and thus would only feed to survive.
  • Like the previous spell, the one upon whom the spell is performed becomes nearly indestructible and in this case semi-immortal. It is assumed that vampires, if ever descended from Alaric, would be similar to how vampires who are sired by Original vampires became. They would likely to be weaker than Alaric, and would probably be immune to staking. Their life would still be bound to Alaric's, which is bound to Elena's, and thus, they would still die with Elena.

Silas, the world's first immortal being.
Not much is known about the spell's performance on Silas. All that is known is that it was invented by Silas and Qetsiyah and that blood was a key part of the spell. This is confirmed by Atticus Shane in O Come, All Ye Faithful, when he states that human blood is the lifeforce of an immortal. Shane states that once the cure is obtained there will be no more need to feed on blood and that this would be the cure to immortality. The fact that the immortality reversal spell can accomplish this means that Qetsiyah created it to cure bloodlust, and by extension, immortality. Therefore, this must mean that human blood was used in the original spell. Nothing else about the spell's usage on Silas is currently known, be they similarities or differences between it and the spell that Esther used on her husband and children. In She's Come Undone, Bonnie reveals that Silas has true immortality from his and Qetsiyah's spell and is immune to any weapon, save for the cure, which would make him mortal again. This is markedly different from the spell Esther used. which makes the vampire able to be killed with wood from the white oak tree. It is also revealed in Graduation that this spell had a consequence. When Silas used this spell on himself 2,000 years ago, it caused the creation of a dopplegänger line, as a version of the immortal who could be killed. As a result, Stefan Salvatore and Silas both share the same face. Stefan is Silas' doppleganger. Likewise, since Amara also took the immortality elixir, it created a bloodline of doppelgängers, which includes Tatia, Katerina Petrova, and Elena Gilbert. In Original Sin, it was revealed that Qetsiyah's version of the spell was in the form of an elixir. More differences would include:
  • Invulnerability to the sun. Silas has been seen standing in the sun without a Daylight Jewelry and he seems to be unaffected by sunlight. This differs from Esther's immortality spell, as her children can be burned by the sun (with the exception of Klaus, who was unaffected after he became a true hybrid). Alaric could also be burned by light from the sun. This may be because the Original immortality spell did not use the sun, or because it was more powerful than Esther's version.
  • Silas' immortality spell seems to have also given him additional powers that other vampires (including the Original family) do not possess. For example: Silas has stated and proven numerous times, that he is psychic. He can read the minds of other people. The Original family cannot do this. He can also use his telepathic powers to create powerful illusions. Like Original vampires, he can compel anyone except for hunters into doing, saying, or believing anything he wants. Vampires who are descended from the Originals cannot compel anyone but humans.
  • As stated previously, Silas is a true immortal. He cannot be killed by any illness or disease. He is completely indestructible, and unable to be killed by any conventional weapon. Esther's immortality spell cannot give rise to true immortals. There is always a way to undo the spell. The Original family for example can be killed with white oak wood.
  • Normal vampires seem to get stronger as times passes. Though it was shown that Silas possesses super-strength when he broke Jeremy's Gilbert's neck with one hand, Damon still managed to win against him in a physical confrontation. This may be for one of a few reasons: Damon surprised him, so maybe he was caught off guard, or perhaps because he has been trapped for 2,000 years and he is not as strong as he should be. It may also be possible that the original immortality spell does not increase the strength of vampires with time as we see with modern vampires. These things have not been confirmed in the show.


  • The different versions of the Immortality Spell was administered differently to its subjects.
    • Qetsiyah's version was an elixir that Silas and Amara drank.
    • Esther's versions required ingesting the magically laced blood of two Petrova Doppelgängers.
  • Esther is the only one that has been seen performing this spell so far.
  • Vampires created using this spell are virtually indestructible. While normal vampires can be killed by wood or a werewolf bite, among other things, those made into vampires through the use of the immortality spell cannot be killed by these means.
  • Vampires that are created using this spell seem to possess an ability that vampires turned through vampire blood do not possess. This is the ability to compel other vampires as is clearly demonstrated with the Original family. It is unclear whether Alaric could do this.
  • There is always a loop-hole for this spell. Though the spell grants immortality to the person made into a vampire using it, there is always a way to kill that entity. The Mikaelson family for example can be killed using wood from the White Oak Tree. Another example of this would be the death of Alaric Saltzman. Alaric was bound to Elena Gilbert and he died when she died.
  • The only people made into vampires with this spell are Niklaus, Elijah, Rebekah, Kol, Finn, Mikael, and also Alaric. Silas and Amara, due to their physiological and psychological differences, are simply refered to as immortals.
  • Elijah mentions that Esther was not who turned them into monsters, but they themselves became the monsters.
  • This spell, like many others, is neutral. However, users or victims where the spells are applied, are the ones who decide what to do with the attributes or benefits.
  • It has been confirmed by Julie Plec that Esther did not create the spell, but merely used it. It has also been implied by Julie that it has been used at least once before.
  • The spell was first used on Silas and Amara, who became the world's first immortal beings.
  • Vampires created by this spell possess abilities that vampires turned by the blood of other vampires do not. The Originals are unable to be killed by both the sun and the werewolf bite, though they are still affected by both. They can also compel vampires. Silas seems to be immune to the sun altogether, and can generate lifelike and powerful illusions.
  • According to Bonnie, Qetsiyah's version of the spell made Silas truly immortal without any weaknesses, other than the cure.
  • It is known that Silas and Qetsiyah were the most powerful members of the Travellers in ancient Greece. This may imply that Traveller Magic was used to cast Qetsiyah's version of the Immortality Spell.
  • Presumably, the reason why Silas doesn't seem to have the same enhanced physical prowess that Vampires in general have is because of the difference in motive between the spell being cast upon himself and that of Esther when she used it on her family; Silas wanted to become immortal to spend eternity with his true love, whilst the Mikaelsons needed protection from their enemies.
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