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Vampire's Tomb
Location Information

A tomb to protect the 26 vampires from burning to death in the Fells Church fire in 1864


Mystic Falls

Some seals keep vampires from entering, this one keeps them from coming out.

The Vampire's Tomb is a mystical chamber located under Fell's Church. The tomb is most notably known for containing the 27 vampires (later confirmed to be 26, after Katherine escaped) that were captured during the "round up" in Mystic Falls, 1864.


With the help of Katherine Pierce, The Founding Families succeeded in capturing 26 vampires, but were unsuccessful in killing them. After the vampires were poisoned with vervain, they were sealed inside of an abandoned church, that was later set fire to. However, a powerful witch named Emily Bennett protected the vampires by sealing them inside the tomb beneath the church. Although the vampires were saved from perishing in the fire, because they were unable to feed, their bodies had desiccated and mummified.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season One

Pearl in tomb

Pearl inside the tomb.

A vampire named Katherine had managed to escape before the fire, due to a werewolf that shut all the vampires inside. She agreed to give him the moonstone, if he let her go, and so he did. Anna was able to get away without getting caught and left town before the Founding Families realized they missed a vampire.

Anna wanted to save her mother, Pearl and Damon wanted to save Katherine. With the help of Emily and her descendants, Bonnie and Sheila were convinced into breaking the seal to free Katherine, who they discovered was never in the tomb.

Above the tomb (The ruins of Fells Church).

In the season finale, the vampires that escaped the tomb, planned an attack against the Founding Families for revenge of what happened in 1864. Anna managed to warn Damon before the attack, but it was too late to stop them. Led by an unidentified vampire, they tried to attack when the fireworks began but were interrupted when the device was activated by John. Locking them in the basement of his brother's building, he set them ablaze just like the Founding Families had done in 1864. In an attempt to save Damon who was in the basement, Bonnie reduced the flames, allowing Stefan to save his brother.

Season Two

Katherine locked with the spell

Katherine in the tomb.

. The tomb spell was up again and Damon sealed Katherine inside as punishment for her wicked deeds committed against him and Elena.Katherine remained in the tomb, later with the company of Stefan. However, after the request of freeing Stefan, Elena convinced Elijah to ask Jonas Martin and Luka to lift the tomb spell. After having the spell broken, Elijah compelled Katherine to stay in the tomb until Elijlah said otherwise.

Stefan and Katherine in the tomb.

In The Dinner Party, Damon visited Katherine and she told him not to kill Elijah or else she would be trapped in the tomb forever. Later, after Elijah was killed, Katherine was freed from the tomb, having to reveal she tricked Damon into killing Elijah, to break his compulsion against her, allowing her to get out of the tomb.

In The Last Day, Caroline Forbes and Tyler Lockwood were also imprisoned inside of the tomb, after they were abducted by Greta Martin and Maddox. It should be noted they were not bound magically or compelled, but rather chained up.

Season Five

In The Devil Inside, Damon buried Katherine's body in the tomb. Telling Stefan that he had put her where she was meant to be and Stefan tells this to Elena (Katherine) who figures where Damon had buried her body. Katherine needed her body so Mia could give her full control over Elena's body. Mia succeeds in completing the spell after a brief delay when Elena briefly knocked her out and impaled Nadia Petrova, Katherine kills Mia by heart extraction as she was a loose end.

List of vampires in the tomb

Name Information
Caroline-Graduation-the-vampire-diaries-34378286-245-300Caroline Forbes (2010-2010; she, along with Tyler, were imprisoned by Greta and Maddox as he needed a Vampire and a Werewolf to break the Sun and the Moon Curse. However, she and Tyler were saved by Damon.
3x9 Tyler Lockwood HomecomingTyler Lockwood (2010-2010; he, along with Caroline, were imprisoned by Greta and Maddox as he needed a Vampire and a Werewolf to break the Sun and the Moon Curse. However, he and Caroline were saved by Damon.
Katherine-CastPortalKatherine Pierce (2010-2010; In Masquerade after she was taken down by Lucy, Damon was the one to put her in the tomb. Later freed when Elijah was neutralized in The Dinner Party) In The Devil Inside Damon buries her body there.
5x6 Stefan SalvatoreHandle with CareStefan Salvatore (2010-2010; Imprisoned himself to save Jeremy from Katherine. Later released by Elijah)
Kelly-hu-interpreta-pearl-nell-episodio-children-of-the-damned-di-vampire-diaries-151086Pearl (1864-2010; destroyed)
HarperHarper (1864-2010; destroyed)
S1FredrickFrederick (1864-2010; deceased)
BethanneBethanne (1864-2010; destroyed)
Charakter Henry 1Henry

(1864-2010; destroyed)

BILLYBilly (1864-2010; destroyed)
BillyandjacobJacob (1864-2010; destroyed)
Charlie (1864-2010; destroyed)
Unnamed Tomb Vampires (1864-2010; they were burned in Founder's Day)

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