Lia is in her young teens and somewhat VERY evil who plots revenge on her twin sister, Elena Gilbert. However no one is aware of Lia. When Lia was born, Isobell abandoned Lia and only protected Elena. Over the years, an unknown family in BUlgaria discovered Lia and took care of her but the family was abusive and angry because they could not have a child of their own. Over the years, Lia grew agresive and cruel and escaped/abandoned her own family when she was 17. Lia planned to go to Mystic Falls where she knew was her hometown and thought she would find Elena. However, Lia was kidnapped by an unknown person for two and a-half months. Lia managed to escape but she was somehow transitioned into an unknown evil creature.
 4 months later, Lia discovered Elena and began pretending she was her for several of times. After Lia discovered the history of the super natural world and that Elena was a doppelganger, she found out that she was a doppelganger herself.

     Later in Lia's life, she just began spying on Elena to fit in with her routine. Lia's plan was to take over Elena's life and trade her life with Elena's. After she found out that Damon had an interest in Damon, she became more thrilled because Lia never had a boyfriend. The only thing that Lia didn't know was that Elena was Klaus' human blood bag for life.


The only weakness Lia can face is The Original Witches necklace.


Lia likes to wear skinny jeans, high heels, loose tops and vests. Lia likes to have her hair curled, alot like Kathetrine in that deparment.

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