To me a vampire story is not about black and white or good and evil.   Its about the shades of gray.    Within the struggle of keeping one's humanity and the beast that is with the hunger of blood lust.    Which has ultimately made one a predator.  

Its about those of the noblest traits as a human descending into the darkest of villianys.  To the troubled anti hero who ultimately finds that his heart truly holds honor and is noble.  An becomes the hero.    Just as its about living amongst those that are your sheep,  your life force.    To watch them grow old and die,  even as you grow close to them.  Its about having to move on,  to create different lifes.  

An we haven't even added in anyother plotline devices.    A vampire chronicle alone is already rich with detail to be played upon.  

So what is everyone thoughts and ideas on how they want a vampire story to be.

I also have a second question.  

In the vampire daires of televison.    We have two distinct groups of fans.   One for team Delena and the other for team  Stelena.    I like to pose   a second question to both fans.  

Which would you think would ultimately give up Elena for the right reason if she is cured and becomes human.  As in the right reason,    As in walking away from her for good,  to allow her to find someone that is human and to fall in love with and to have a family and to grow old with.  As in a family with children she would never have even if she is cured if she remains with either.   

I would wager it be Damon who would with his love for Elena be the one to walk away to give her that life. 

I like to hear the thoughts of everyone else on this in who they think would.  Or if neither would and why for their reason. 

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