Here is what I think Esther is gonna do. I cant answer how she survived and if she is a vamp witch but I see her being the main antagonist for the remainder of the season with this council killing killer as the second main antagonist. See obviously it keeps being hinted the vampire curse can be destroyed. The hybrid curse involved the original petrova, a vampire, a werewolf, the moonstone and a witch channeling it. It got broke, but the main factor was Elena and her blood. Now the main curse to turn them into vampires was the sun, the white oak tree and blood of tatia, then they died afterwards and drink her blood to complete the transformation. See vampires are half breed monsters(half human and half supernatural), like werewolves, ghosts, dopplegangers etc. and they are all result of curses although ghosts could be argued that they arent, but thats for a different conversation. Anyway I think Esthers plan from the beginning was to give her children these powers only to take them away for herself after 1000 years. I had two other theories about how an original could be killed. A supernatural creature/spell which could kill anything(which sorta already happened when bonnie tried to kill Klaus) and a creature/spell that could make an original a vulnerable vampire, human or and make klaus either a vulnerable vampire, human, hybrid or werewolf. So I think they are going with that idea. I think Esther plans on reversing the vampire spell by channeling the energy of the sun, using the white oak ash or possibly manipulating nature to create a new white oak tree, and using enough of elenas blood to put in each of her children, and then wiping them away of their powers( i dont know if she would kill them with all her power, but that would mean she have to sacrifice herself) but she knows that she couldnt kill them so she absorb all that power. Now although mikael is out of the picture, that would be 5 originals, giving her the power of a 5000 year old vampire and possibly klaus werewolf side. Then the originals would be human and Klaus would be a regular werewolf and every vampire would be human, their powers might be absorbed by esther as well. Esther would also have found ways to eliminate any way of being killed as an original(dagger, stake, witch with enough power) and also eliminate the weaknesses such as invitation, compelling someone on vervain, making her vitually unstoppable and virtually perfect having the powers of an original vampire, times a thousand and the powers of a witch, and she might even channel upon more witches spirits to make her even more powerful. I then see her uniting all the witches for some hostile takeover of the world as a way to truly honor the witches code(her plan would be similar to feminism, fasicm or nazism). Elena would know naturally by Esther doing the reversal spell, the salvatores would be humans, caroline would be a human but she would have to deal with a hateful tyler who had been eliminated of his vampire self and have to go back to turning into a wolf on the full moon, Klaus would ne vulnerable and able to die, but he would have no need for her since he could no longer make hybrids and he would go on a killing spree out of anger and Esther would do some diabolical plan. Now if Elena turned herself into a vampire, she would destroy esthers plan and klaus as well and never have children, and her friends would remain vampire and the one of the 3 main elements of reversing the spell would be destroyed. But still Klaus and Esther would probably take revenge and hurt elena and her loved ones, so its kinda lose-lose, but the eliimating the vampire curse would still have its advantages but still have to deal with the hateful tyler, the vengeful klaus and possibly other originals and the insanely powerful esther with an apocalyptic plan. So share your thoughts on this and if you have other ideas

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