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Heart of Darkness

IniZa519 March 30, 2012 User blog:IniZa519

Heart of Darkness...what (or whom) do you think this refers to?

First take a look at the promo, carefully:


Who do you think turned Rose?

I see Stefan punching someone, who do you think the person is?

I think I see some witches too, is that Grams? and Bonnie?

I think one of these will happen in this episode (or maybe later, this season):

I still have a feeling that Katherine will turn up, in one of these last few seasons, atleast. Tyler and Klaus will fight against each other. Damon (or Stefan) might kill Rebekah. Elijah returns. The Salvatores must be from Elijah's bloodline.Esther returns. Someone kills Klaus.

So tell me, guys, what do you think will happen? and why?

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