Hey this is a fiction story for The Originals

The pairings

Klayley Solijah Carcel Ravina Friendship

Here's the story

Chapter 1: Welcome Home

Hayley's POV

It's the day before the last day of summer vacation.I was driving in my car on my way to New Orleans. I had a fight with my foster parents about my parents. My foster dad Jack Lewis always hated me since they found me in their doorstep when I was a baby. He had a secret that I discovered, but that is a story maybe for another time. I parked my car in two street further from the restaurant. I grabbed my bag with my clothes, music, laptop and tooth brush and was walking in the restaurant. I saw from a distance my BFF Sophie Deveraux making some gumbal, while I saw my other BFF Camille passing drinks to the other customers. Sophie saw me and made a movement with her hand as in saying come here. The minute I stood n front of her, She hugged me gently because of my bruises.

"Hayley, I can't believe that your here. I got your text and everything is settled. You can live with Cami and I above the restaurant." We both laughed in joy as we went upstairs.

She opened the door to the appartement. The walls were dark red and the wooden floor was dark brown. The funiter was brown and the couches were from leather. A flatscreen tv was on the wall and the kitchen was by the window. By looking at the room I knew Cami was the one who decorated the place. Sophie let me to my room and by the look it, she was the one who decorated it. Dark purple and black bedsheets, dark brown walls and a antique black chandelier. My desk was by the window and my closet next to the door. My bed was by the wall next to the closet.

"Thanks Soph!" I said happy. She smiled and helped me pack out. Jane-Anne called and said that I start school on Monday. Sophie and Cami called Davina Kane and Rebekah Mikaelson to ask if they want to go to a club. They said yes and came over to prepare.

"HEYYYY" Rebekah and Davina greeted us.

"I'm glad your back Ley. I thought we will never see you again." Davina said while hugging me.

"We thought that too, but here she is!" Camille said happy.

"And from now on she stays here with us." Rebekah laughed when Sophie said that.

"Come on let's go. Were gonna celebrate!" Rebekah screamed with happiness.

We started to change clothes and went out. Rebekah wore a strapless black dress that came to her knees. With black heels that showed her long legs. Davina wore a white top wit black short shorts and black flat shoes. Cami wore a grey straples top with black flat shoes and a dark red skirt that came to her knees. Sophie and I both wore black skinny jeans, black convers, but she wore a loose white top with on it a symbol of a star and silver bracelets. I wore a grey shirt with a necklace that belonged to my real mother and a bracelet with a wolf on it.

Sophie's POV

We closed the bar/restaurant and went to a club, but that club was at Rebekah's friend Marcel's house. When we got in we looked for a bar and ordered some drinks. Each of us drank 6 or 8 shots of tequila or was it bourbon? My favorite song came on and dragged Hayley and the other girls with me to the dance floor. We danced and got the attention from some boys we know. I saw one of the boys looking at me and walking towards me. He had brown hair and deep brown eyes. He was tall and wore a white shirt with a grey suit jacket, dark blue jeans and black shoes. He looks familiar to me, but I can't remember thanks to those shots.

"I think it's time to get out of here, 'cause I know this is not really your style." He whispered into my ear. I saw Rebekah swaying her hips with Marcel and Davina dancing with Kol. Cami was dancing with another boy. A friend of Marcel. I couldn't find Hayley and I was starting to get worried.

"Uh oh where's Hayley? I can't find her?" I said out loud. The boy looked at me.

"Hayley? Oh yeah your BFF. Don't worry Sophie! I saw her upstairs with my brother dancing and talking." He said looking at me while dragging me upstairs. He looked tired and panicked. We both landed in someone's bedroom. He locked the door and looked at me. I was surprised. How did he know about me and Hayley being BFF's? How did he know my name?

"What's the matter with you? First we are talking normal, and now were in someone's bedroom. " I said looking at him mad, but I had to laugh.

"My girlfriend is here also and she's driving me nuts. Always wants to kiss me and make out with me in my bedroom." He said sitting on the king sized bed. I laughed and sat next to him and looked at the room. It looked familiar, but I can't put my finger on it.

"You know. You look just like my friend Elijah Mikaelson. He has the same problem like you with his clingy stupid girlfriend. Because of her, I never saw him again." I said almost in tears, but I kept it cool. The boy looked surprised and hugged me. Suddenly I did something stupid I kissed him and he didn't push me, but kissed me back. We made out and fell asleep on the king sized bed.

The next morning

I was awoken by the sunlight that came in the room. And also by a text from Cami

"Guys it's Sunday. We have to get out now! Meet me downstairs."

I stood up and put my jeans and top on and grabbed my converse. I unlocked the door and looked at the .bo who was sleeping soundless . I walked downstairs and saw a few people passed out on the floor.

On my way I saw Hayley and Davina fully dressed. When we were downstairs we saw Cami and Rebekah standing in the hall. When we all left , I had a feeling that someone was staring at me.

This the end of the chapter 1 Chapter 2 will come soon. In the next chapter you'll find out what happened after the party in Elijah's POV and what happened to Hayley in Klaus' POV. Tell me what you think of this story and if you want me to continue in the comment section.


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