Before anything else I would like to state that this is fiction and that the episodes will not be developed beond script form whilst I am still a minor. The TV Series is being written by me, but the actors have no part in it. I wish to one day have it made into a TV show, so when that day comes, the Wikia will need to be edited.


The Maverick Family have come to the town of Culcairn in search of a powerful source of magic. The Barons Ancestors are a magnificent source of power, now harnessed and protected by only two Witches; Leif and Esme Barons.

Mason Steel is the school's jock, and has his eyes set on the new girl. Hayden Stanford is the school's freaky foster kid that has no friends.


The Main Cast of Wicca

Main CastEdit

  • Will Weatheritt as Tierney Maverick
  • Dannielle Roe as Adora Maverick
  • Catherine Ellen Bolitho as Esme Barons
  • Alistair Cooke as Leif Barons
  • Daniel Makacoski as Hayden Stanford
  • Samuel Smith as Mason Steel
  • Chantelle Naude as Ebony Maverick

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