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    June 17, 2012 by Sagethebadass

    Sage has always been three steps ahead of you or anyone else. She isn’t original, but an very old vampire. She been around longer than the originals. But no one knows her past.As said from Rebekah, Sage has been obsessed with Finn for years. She loved him a lot, and so did he. But when a massive vampire war broke out in 1897 Sage traveled away and didn’t forget Finn. Finn almost died searching for her, but gave up. He promised she’ll always be in his heart. Sage and Finn always slept together and had affairs. They loved making love and enjoyed each others company. Sage was the only daughter in her family, and knew Katherine Pierce. Katherine and Sage were good friends, but Sage always hated Rebekah. Rebekah used to tell Finn rumors about …

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