Some say that Vampire Diaries only had 4 books


Here is a photo that says it has five books...

GUYS!!! I really need your comments... which one do you think is the real series?? Did L.J. Smith make Four or Five Books... I'm really curious... But I would be glad to know if it had Five Books... Meaning, it isn't over yet... I'm really excited for Season 4!!! And I'm really obsessed in finding a CD and a book of The Vampire Diaries... It's a really great series, don't you think? :) And I just want to remind those who are posting its videos on YouTube... please... upload more... I've been watching Paul Wesley's interviews for weeks... He really is my inspiration... And to all those that are fan of Stelena love team, I support you!!! And, if I were to add another character in it, I would add Sabrina Salvatore, Stefan and Damon's half-sister. A witch-vamp (if it is possible).

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