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The Vampire Diaries

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5x01: I Know What You Did Last Summer:

5x02: True Lies:

5x03: Original Sin:

5x04: For Whom the Bell Tolls:

5x05: Monster's Ball:

5x06: Handle with Care:

5x07: Death and the Maiden:

5x08: Dead Man on Campus:

5x09: The Cell:

5x10: Fifty Shades of Grayson:

5x11: 500 Years of Solitude:

5x12: The Devil Inside:

5x13: Total Eclipse of the Heart:

5x14: No Exit:

5x15: Gone Girl:

5x16: While You Were Sleeping:

5x17: Rescue Me:

5x18: Resident Evil:

5x19: Man on Fire:

5x20: What Lies Beneath:

5x21: Promised Land:

5x22: Home:

6x01: I'll Remember:

6x02: Yellow Ledbetter:

6x03: Welcome to Paradise:

6x04: Black Hole Sun:

6x05: The World Has Turned and Left Me Here:

6x06: The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get:

6x07: Do You Remember the First Time?:

6x08: Fade Into You:

6x09: I Alone:

6x10: Christmas Through Your Eyes:

6x11: Woke Up with a Monster:

6x12: Prayer for the Dying:

6x13: The Day I Tried to Live:

6x14: Stay:

6x15: Let Her Go:

6x16: Coming Soon

6x17: Coming Soon

6x18: Coming Soon

6x19: Coming Soon

6x20: Coming Soon

6x21: Coming Soon

6x22: Coming Soon

The Originals

1x01: Pilot/Always and Forever:

1x02: House of the Rising Son:

1x03: Tangled Up in Blue:

1x04: Girl in New Orleans:

1x05: Sinners and Saints:

1x06: Fruit of the Poisoned Tree:

1x07: Bloodletting:

1x08: The River in Reverse:

1x09: Reigning Pain in New Orleans:

1x10: The Casket Girls:

1x11: Après Moi, Le Déluge:

1x12: Dance Back from the Grave:

1x13: Crescent City:

1x14: Long Way Back from Hell:

1x15: Le Grand Guignol:

1x16: Farewell to Storyville:

1x17: Moon Over Bourbon Street:

1x18: The Big Uneasy:

1x19: An Unblinking Death:

1x20: A Closer Walk with Thee:

1x21: The Battle of New Orleans:

1x22: From a Cradle to a Grave:

2x01: Rebirth:

2x02: Alive and Kicking:

2x03: Every Mother's Son:

2x04: Live and Let Die:

2x05: Red Door:

2x06: Wheel Inside the Wheel:

2x07: Chasing the Devil's Tail:

2x08: The Brothers That Care Forgot:

2x09: The Map of Moments:

2x10: Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire:

2x11: Brotherhood of the Damned:

2x12: Sanctuary:

2x13: The Devil Is Damned:

2x14: I Love You, Goodbye:

2x15: They All Asked for You:

2x16: Coming Soon

2x17: Coming Soon

2x18: Coming Soon

2x19: Coming Soon

2x20: Coming Soon

2x21: Coming Soon

2x22: Coming Soon

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