• Nathan Adams

    Well !!! How are you mates (Klausy emotion ;) )  ... I badly want to know your opinion about some topic here ...

    From the listed characters i will apply now, please answer those two questions ...

    1- Who is the perfect love for this character ?!! ... i mean the person who makes that character better person and totally perfects him, the person he loved like never he loved anyone before and they should remain together, Forever  ....

    and 2- who deserves to be his very close friend? ... Ex: Stefan: who is Stefan's prefect love ?!!  ... and who deserves to be his close friend ?!!...

    My list includes: Stefan, Klaus, Elena, Damon, Matt, Bonnie, Elijah, Rebekah ...

    and from the dead ones: Jeremy(R.I.P.), Alaric(R.I.P.), Kol(R.I.P.) ...

    You can add any charact…

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  • Nathan Adams

    Here i need your opinions guys?!! ... Do you want to change the layout colours?!!!

    The red and dark red colours of the current layout of the wiki are so uncomforting and tiring ,usually the red colour is uncomfortable to eyes and here it makes the reading of articles really hard for users which may cause decreasing in number of visitors ...

    I personally made a suggestion to Admins to change the layout from red to more relaxing colours ,i recommended then violet for margins, light grey for articles background and black for scripts, i think it will match perfectly with the historical-dynamical nature of the show ... and the admin said it is up to the number of wiki members who are agree with that ...

    So don't underestimate that blog, It could r…

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  • Nathan Adams


    March 23, 2013 by Nathan Adams

    Episode 17 ended with Silas staking Klaus with the ultimate White oak stake and Silas broke part of the stake in Klaus's body causing him horrible pain and partial paralysis... Who do you think to be the one to take that piece out of his body ?!!!

    1 - Stefan 

    2 - Elijah

    3 - Klaus himself

    4 - Damon 

    5 - Caroline {hopefully ;) }

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  • Nathan Adams

    My Best Characters

    March 21, 2013 by Nathan Adams

     Anna : My absolute favourite character ,who can't fell in love with this Beautiful ,Caring ,Strong ,Deep Hurted and otherwise Funny girl ?!!, who tries impossible to be reunited again with the people she loves ,Anna has shown extraordinary bravery and determination ,powered by love, to save people she cares about, and trying so hard to hide the fact that behind this outsider powerfull and determined vampire ,there is an insider crackable little girl needy of being Loved and needy of the Feeling of safety ,That's why she found True Love with her soul mate ,Jeremy, and that's also why I can't but love her as long as i breathe...

    Alaric : The Ultimate Guardian of his mates and the short-sleeping watchfull eye of his friends,I respect and admi…

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  • Nathan Adams

    If YOU Had a chance to be Supernatural Being in TVD world ?!!

    Would you be ?!!

    1- Vampire 

    2- Werewolf

    3- Hybrid

    4- Doppleganger

    5- Witch

    6- Silas ?!!!

    7- Hunter (brotherhood of the five)

    Me ... absolutly i will be Hunter ,One of the Five ...


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