After watching this episode all I can think is what is wrong with Caroline? Stefan pulled a lot of crap on Elena both in this and last season she is clearly not a true friend because no true friend would want Elena with either of them and Stefan. Oh Stefan he has proven he doesn't love Elena he can't accept her for the person she is now and is looking for any reason to dismiss what she wants and saying she's not really herself what does that make him? Damon proved he cares more about Elena than Stefan he was trying to find away around using Jeremy because he was putting Elena's feelings first.

If Stefan really loved Elena he wouldn't be trying so hard to change her and what Caroline said about the whole sire thing it sounded more like a desperate move to cope with the reality of the situation I mean no one could possibly forgive and love Damon could they? I mean surely Stefan is the only one that gets to make amens? I really hope Caroline is wrong I mean it seems more like Stefan is just desperately grasping at straws because he just wants things to be the way he wants them to be.

Also I don't think her being sired has anything to do with her feelings. Look at the hybrids you don't see them trying to seduce Klaus. Besides the sire bond didn't make Stefan force Jeremy to kill a vampire in fact the sire bond didn't make Stefan pull any of the crap he's pulled in the end sire bond or no sire bond Stefan destroyed his relationship with Elena all on his own.

Face it Stelena fans Stefan doesn't love Elena he just loves the idea of being in love with Elena. Damon though is always there for her protecting her he has grown into a better than Stefan will ever be he wasn't even trying to cause trouble he was trying to be a brother to Stefan. Damon doesn't even know Elena is sired so he can't even be blamed in fact he's not even taking advantage because he doesn't know.

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