(Continuing dating)

So last night I left of with the Elena, Damon, Stefan love triangle

And I know that with Stefan, Elena was a good girl. But what did he do when she first became a vampire. Slept with Rebecca, that's what he did. And yes he tried to get her to turn her humanity back on, but it was obvious that it was just payment for when she helped him get back on track.

And those are just a few of the many reasons why Elena should( and did) chose Damon over Stefan

And now for what dead girl Jeremy should chose

(Anna, Vicky, or Bonnie)

I through and throughout think that Jeremy should chose Bonnie. First off, I want to remind everyone that all of these girls are dead. Any who, Anna is a vampire, she is seriously old, and probably has more emotional baggage than Tyler(and that's REALLY saying something). And then there's Vicky. She is also a vampire, she is also Matt's sister,(and I only put that because it would make it awkward between him and Matt to hang out if the two of them broke up) and then there's the fact that she is evil. As in, " Yo, dude, I tried to blow up your sister and her off the rails ex-vampire-boyfriend. And last, but certainty not the least, Bonnie Bennett. I think that he should chose her because he obviously loves her, and she is so obviously in love with him. Not only did she go through mourning his loss twice but also completely forgot the first time. She died bringing her back to life, but she also sacrificed all sorts of stuff up for them.

And those are some of the many reasons why I wish Bonnie would come back to life, and for the other two to stay dead

And now this one will be really short

I think Matt and Rebecca should either stay together, or get together

And that is all for my dating rants

Bai. And right after I post this I will start up on my Graduation rant

Until next time

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