This is the second season of The Originals. It will debut this fall on The CW. 

Season Summary

Season 2 of The Originals focuses on Davina's struggle to be normal, The Original Family's interesting dilemma, Camille's discovery of a dark secret and a crazier villain on the horizon. 

"The Vampire Diaries" showrunner Julie Plec will executive produce "The Originals" and serve as head writer. Plec developed "Diaries" along with Kevin Williamson, who will not be involved with "Originals". Leslie Morgenstein will executive produce for Alloy Entertainment. Morgenstein is also currently executive producer of the hit ABC Family series "Pretty Little Liars". Senior vice president of television for Alloy Entertainment,Gina Girolamo, will also executive produce. Michael Narducci will serve as the show's producer.


After being run out of town by the witches, Elijah and Hayley plot a way to regain Klaus's dessicated body, Hayley's young child, and fight their intense feelings. Klaus also has intense dreams about his life and how is human life would have turned out. Meanwhile, Davina goes to high school to experience life as a normal teenager, but is confronted by a mysterious werewolf named Vincent and a young witch named Gia who hold grave information on a familar face named Cassie. Camille's intense interest in her family and her ex Kaleb leads to a grave secret that can spark a supernatural war in New Orleans. Finally, Davina's year of drama leads to the discovery of a villain that presents a challenge to every member of New Orleans.


  • Chapter I: The Rescue Chapter (Ep. 201-204​) This chapter deals with the intense rescue of Klaus from a persistent Elijah and Hayley. This also deals with Davina's assimilation into normal life and Camillie's newfound suspicion of Kaleb.
  • Chapter II: The Dessication Chapter (Ep. 205-210) This chapter covers the topic of Klaus's dessication, the shocking agenda of Kaleb and Cassie, as well as the cycle of death and despair running rampant in New Orleans.
  • Chapter III: The Werewolf War Chapter (Ep. 211-214) This chapter dwells into the werewolves' abrupt and automatic war with each other. This chapter also covers the issue of what Lenore is really up to and who is Leandros.
  • Chapter IIIIThe Original Werewolf Chapter (Ep. 215-222)  This chapter deals with the arrival of Leandros, the Original werewolf. His agenda makes everyone race to the final minute of the finale.
    • Antagonist(s): Leandros
  • Main Antagonist(s) this season: Lenore, Kaleb, Cassie, Francesca Correa, Leandros


Main Cast

Supporting Cast

Guest Cast

NOTE: * = dead

** = resurrected in Episode 19 or 22

*** = appears phsyically in Episodes 15-22

 **** = appears as a spirit in Episodes 15-22

Season Two - Episode Guide

Image Title Director(s) Airdate Episode

Writer: Julie Plec & Michael Narducci

Director: Joshua Butler October 6th, 2014 2x01

Title: Glory and Gore

RUNNING SCARED IN THE QUARTER - With Klaus under the witches control and her baby missing, Hayley goes on a hunt to find them, despite Elijah's protests. Elsewhere, Davina starts her first day of 11th grade, where she is greeted by Gia and a very mysterious werewolf named Vincent. Marcel enlists the help of Expression witch Lenore in order to go against a tyrannical Francesca Correa and her young witch ally Cassie. While he is dessicated, Klaus has a vivid dream about his first love, Tatia. Finally, after a wild night of drinking and fun sex with her ex-flame Kaleb, Camille learns some shocking news as to why he actually returned in the first place.

Deaths: None



Writer: Carina MacKenzie Director: Leslie Libman October 13th, 2014 2x02

Title: Crescent City Snow

CAMILLE DOES SOME RESEARCH - When Davina becomes a cheerleader, she learns a frightening truth about her friend Gia from Cassie point of view. Marcel and Lenore continue working together, despite their differing ideas on how to stop the werewolves. Klaus's dreams take a dark turn when he remembers a distant memory about his father, Mikael and Tatia. Meanwhile, Camille turns to Josh for help when she is confused about what to do with her recent discovery about Kaleb. Finally, Hayley and Elijah share a heartfelt moment on their search for Klaus and Hayley's daughter.

Deaths: None

[[Image:|150px]] Writer: Kevin Williamson Director: Jeffrey Hunt October 20th, 2014 2x03

Title: Bound by Blood

AN EPISODE WRITTEN BY THE FOLLOWING'S KEVIN WILLIAMSON - Noticing Davina's apparent anger towards Gia, Vincent intervenes with dramatic results. Hayley and Elijah continue their search for Klaus and the baby, until Lenore gives devastating news to them. Josh comes up with a risky, yet convient plan to get some information out of Kaleb. Elsewhere, Marcel plans an attack against Francesca Correa. Finally, Klaus's dreams intensify when Rebekah shows up in them. 

Deaths: Hope Mikaelson (killed by Lenore)

[[Image:|150px]] Writer: Julie Plec Director: Chris Grismer October 27th, 2014 2x04

Title: The Anamoly of Klaus Mikaelson

THE HUNT IS ON - By using violent tactics, Elijah searches for Klaus. A grieving Hayley has a violent run-in with warlock Kaleb. Elsewhere, Josh goes to Davina for help about his master plan to stop Kaleb and his new partner in crime Cassie. Klaus's dreams hit a head when Rebekah and Mikael torment him. Finally, Marcel gives Davina a special gift that is, seemingly, the key to all her problems.

Deaths: None

[[Image:|150px]] ]]]]]]] Writer: Ashley Lyle & Michelle Paradise Director: Jesse Warn November 3th, 2014 2x05

Title: Shameless

WHEN IN DOUBT, TURN TO WITCHES - In order to save his brother Klaus, Elijah asks Lenore for a risky alliance. Using anger to suppress her hidden emotions, Hayley takes it out on Davina, Gia and Vincent at the School Fair. Marcel, Camille and Lenore decide to get on Francesca Correa's good graces, but they end up causing a fight. Finally, Kaleb and Cassie decide to torment Klaus in his dreams.

Deaths: None

[[Image:|150px]] Writer: Michael Narducci Director: Joshua Butler November 10th, 2014 2x06

Title: Oblivion

THE MEN WHO FIGHT FOR YOUR HONOR - When Cassie and Kaleb kidnap Hayley, Elijah and Davina fight to get her back. Klaus starts to think about death and life, which leads to a confrontation with Rebekah in his dream. Marcel and Camille share a romantic evening that ends with learning a shocking new secret. Vincent and Gia discuss their former lives and how they got to New Orleans in the first place. Finally, Josh makes a heartbreaking and unreliable decision against Kaleb and Cassie.

Deaths: Josh (killed by Cassie)

[[Image:|150px]] Writer: Michael Narducci & Carina MacKenzie Director: Michael A. Allowitz November 17th, 2014 2x07

Title: Dark Paradise

DEATH HAS REACHED THE QUARTER ONCE AGAIN - When Josh's tragic death leaves Davina in depression, Vincent and Kaleb try to come to her aid. With the knowledge of information that could cause a war, Camille tries to solve the puzzle given to her on her date night. Elijah tries to understand Hayley's anger, which leads to a heartfelt confession. Marcel goes to Lenore with some advice, but she instead schools him on his life. Finally, Klaus and Mikael have a strange bonding moment. 

Deaths: None

[[Image:|150px]] Writer: Bart Nickerson & Michelle Paradise Director: Brad Turner December 1st, 2014  2x08

Title: The Gold Rush

SOMEONE TAKES MATTERS INTO THEIR OWN HANDS - With time running out to help Klaus, Hayley and Camille work together to obtain an enemy's help. At the school's Winter In Heaven dance, Davina and Gia get a taste of what Rebekah Mikaelson is capable of. Working to unite their forces against Francesca Correa and her werewolves, Elijah decides to use his risky alliegance with Lenore to lure Marcel into their plan. Meanwhile, Mikael taunts a very sick and sadden Klaus. Finally, Vincent gives Davina a dance and a gratitude of his love.

Deaths: Random Teen Couple (killed by Rebekah)


Writer: Declan de Barra & Ashley Lyle

Director: Joshua Butler December 8th, 2014 2x09

Title: Chasing The Sun

LIGHTS! CAMERA! DIE! - Kaleb's attempts to talk to her and an angry Francesca Correa get in Davina's way. Elijah's plan to help Klaus comes full circle as Hayley and Camille race to find Rebekah. Finally, Vincent and Davina witness a devastating act of violence committed by Lenore. Charles Michael Davis also stars. 

Deaths: Gia (killed by Lenore)

[[Image:|150px]] Writer: Julie Plec & Michael Narducci Director: Kellie Cyrus December 15th, 2014 2x10

Title: Border of the Quarter

ALABAMA, 1985 - With Gia death still looming on the air, Cassie decides to take matters into her own hands by attacking a vulnerable Davina and Vincent. Elijah finally frees Klaus from his immoblilized state, yet he still has vivid nightmares about Mikael. On her way to a concert, Camille picks up some interesting information about an attack on the supernatural in the Quarter. Meanwhile, Lenore shares her backstory with a curious Kaleb and how she met Marcel. Finally, Davina and Camille realize what the plan was all along as an Original dies by the hands of Lenore

Deaths: Rebekah (killed by Lenore)

[[Image:|150px]] Writer: Julie Plec & Carina MacKenzie Director: Sylvain White January 26th, 2015 2x11

Title: Resurrection 

THE DEATH OF A LIFETIME - Devastated by a recent tragedy, Hayley tries to hold herself together while confronting Vincent. Camille and Marcel are almost killed by a wild Jackson, who alerts them about Francesca Correa and the threat she poses on the Quarter. Lenore tries to go on with her spell, yet faces the wrath of an angry Original. Finally, Oliver presents Hayley with a strange, yet enticing offer. 

Deaths: 1 Bayou Werewolf (killed by Francesca Correa)

[[Image:|150px]] Writer: Bart Nickerson & Declan de Barra Director: Leslie Libman February 2nd, 2015 2x12

Title: Defying Gravity

THE WEREWOLVES ARE FIGHTING LIKE DOGS - In order to gain the upper hand, Jackson forcefully recruits Davina for his fight against Francesca Correa by using Vincent's life. With Hayley is taking Oliver's deal under consideration, Elijah tries to calm the werewolves down with Klaus's help. Kaleb questions Lenore on her involvement in Rebekah's death and she gives him a fearful reponse. Finally, Marcel tries to save Cassie from Francesca Correa's dark influence. 

Deaths: Many Correa Werewolves (killed by The Bayou Werewolves), 6 Bayou Werewolves (killed by Jackson and Oliver)

[[Image:|150px]] Writer: Bart Nickerson & Carina MacKenzie Director: Jesse Warn February 9th, 2015 2x13

Title: Meet Me On The Equinox

FRANCESCA UPS THE ANTY ON THE FIGHT  - Using Lenore testimony about a man named Leandros, Kaleb goes to Hayley hoping she knows something about it. Elijah and Klaus's intervention in the battle against werewolves puts Camille and Marcel in grave danger. Elsewhere, Cassie tries to stray away from the supernatural by focusing on school. However, Vincent distrusts her intentions. Jackson and Oliver reveal their motivation to kill Francesca to a frightened Camille. Finally, Lenore uses her magic to start a dangerous spell which leads to violent results.

Deaths: Francesca Correa (killed by Lenore), 2 Correa Werewolves (killed by Klaus)

[[Image:|150px]] Writer: Julie Plec & Michelle Paradise Director: Jeffrey Hunt February 16th, 2015 2x14

Title: Thy Heart Loves Nomore

THE RITUAL EVERYONE HAS BEEN WAITING FOR - With Lenore's ritual hours away, Jackson, Oliver and the other Bayou werewolves try to distract Klaus, Elijah, Marcel and Hayley as long as possible. Seeing that everyone around her gets killed, Davina and Vincent face a dilemma that conflicts their interest. Kaleb's sudden interest in Leandros attracts Camille, who offers some surprising insight concerning Leandros. Cassie's plan to kill Lenore comes full circle when Oliver tells her a story about Leandros. Finally, Lenore's ritual leads to a trail of death, sadness and relief in New Orleans

Deaths: Lenore (killed by herself), Oliver (killed by Leandros/Jackson)

[[Image:|150px]] Writer: Michael Narducci & Michelle Paradise Director: Joshua Butler March 9th, 2015 2x15

Title: Dancing With Wolves

THE GREAT LEANDROS IS BACK - Noticing that he may never come back, Hayley tries to get Davina's help to get Leandros's spirit out of Jackson's body. In order to figure out why Leandros is back, Camille and Marcel dig deep into the past of werewolves. Vincent and Davina hit a snag when they are paired up to do a presentation on the human mind and why people love. Finally, Klaus and Elijah investigate a mysterious killing of a group of vampires in Baton Rouge. 

Deaths: None

[[Image:|150px]] Writer: Declan de Barra & Carina MacKenzie Director: Chris Grismer March 16th, 2015 2x16

Title: I Want It All

THE ONE WHO WILL TAKE THEM ALL DOWN - Camille's knowledge of Leandros leads Leandros to try and get rid of her, much to Marcel's chagrin. Kaleb comes to Davina's assistance when she suggests a plan that could get rid of Leandros. When Cassie reveals her knowledge of a de-possession spell, Hayley takes matters into her own hands. Finally, realizing that Klaus's theory about the dead vampires may be right, Elijah confronts Cary, who offers some interesting feedback about Jackson's current state of mind. 

Deaths: None

[[Image:|150px]] Writer: Michael Russo & Ashley Lyle Director: Jeffrey Hunt March 23rd, 2015 2x17

Title: When I Was Young

THE SECOND VAMPIRE DIARIES CROSSOVER - With her plan seeming bulletproof, Davina goes on a mission with Kaleb, Vincent and Cassie to Mystic Falls to visit Cassie's friend Bonnie Bennett. However, they are alarmed when they lose their abilities and left defenseless against a dark force. Klaus and Elijah continue to use Cary to their advantage to find out what exactly Leandros is up to. Marcel's match with Leandros leaves him trying to protect his fiance Camille. Finally, Hayley has a rare conversation with Jackson, who alerts her that Leandros is planning something huge.

Deaths: Vincent (killed by the Dark Force)

[[Image:|150px]] Writer: Julie Plec & Declan de Barra Director: Brad Turner March 30th, 2015 2x18

Title: Firestarter

DAVINA IS HEARTBROKEN AND IN SORROW - With no choices left, Hayley takes a drastic measure to save Jackson from Leandros's influence. Klaus and Elijah have a brutal argument, which leads to Cary revealing everything Leandros told him about his plans. Camille and Marcel's relationship is put to the test when Cassie tries to help him protect Camille. Elsewhere, Kaleb takes care of a sadden Davina, but is short-lived when Klaus attempts to scare Kaleb into helping him. Finally, a surprising return leads to newfound happiness in Davina.

Deaths: Cary (killed by Leandros) Resurrections: Josh (resurrected by unknown)

[[Image:|150px]] Writer: Michelle Paradise & Diane Ademu-John Director: Michael A. Allowitz April 20th, 2015 2x19

Title: Heart-Shaped Box

JOSH IS HELLBENT ON KILLING CASSIE - With Josh alive, Davina focuses on getting rid of Leandros once and for all. Noticing that Leandros is taking his kingdom away from him, Klaus challenges Leandros. Elijah and Hayley try to put a stop to Leandros's plan, but Marcel and Camille reveal a obstacle in that plan. Meanwhile, Josh goes after a vulnerable Cassie.  Jackson appears to Hayley in her dream and gives a dark warning. Finally, a dream about Mikael solves a major porblem for Klaus

Deaths: None

[[Image:|150px]] Writer: Brian Young & Ashley Lyle Director: Leslie Libman April 27th, 2015 2x20

Title: Nostalgia in Paradise

KLAUS AND LEANDROS GO HEAD TO HEAD - Seeing that Jackson is gone, Hayley and Camille grieve over the lost of friends and family in the Quarter. Davina solves the mystery of how can Leandros die with Kaleb's help. Marcel and Elijah attempt to control Klaus's anger, yet Josh adds to the fire. Cassie and Josh duel, yet Camille offers an outside opinion. Elsewhere, Mikael throws a curve ball at Leandros and his entire plan. Finally, Leandros kidnaps Elijah and sets his whole plan in motion.

Deaths: None

[[Image:|150px]] Writer: Bart Nickerson & Julie Plec Director: Kellie Cyrus May 4th, 2015 2x21

Title: Sons of Anarchy

ONLY HOURS TO FIND ELIJAH - With Elijah missing, Klaus and Hayley race to find him. Davina and Kaleb prepare the ritual to kill Leandros, but Leandros puts himself one step ahead of them. Marcel suggests to Camille a frightening plan on how to stop Leandros. Seeing that Josh won't stop tormenting her, Cassie makes a drastic move against him with a vengeful Vincent's help. Finally, the discovery of Leandros's plan leads to someone making a disturbing sacrifice.

Deaths: Marcel Gerard (killed by Leandros)

[[Image:|150px]] Writer: Julie Plec & Michael Narducci Director: Chris Grismer May 11th, 2015 2x22

Title: As Above, So Below

MARCELLUS GERARD IS DEAD - When news spreads that Marcel is dead, Klaus, Hayley, Elijah and Davina race to kill Leandros. In order to prevent Davina from killing herself, Kaleb, Cassie and Josh work together to come up with a safer solution to helping her. When she has a terrifying dream about Jackson, Marcel and Oliver, Hayley figures out a massive clue in killing Leandros. Finally, Davina,Cassie and Kaleb go through with their plan to kill Leandros, which leads to resurrection, death and love. Leah Pipes also stars.

Deaths: Jackson (indirectly killed by Davina), Leandros (killed by Davina & Klaus) Resurrections: Vincent


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  • So what will happen in the finale that is supposed to 'throw us off' - Something huge.

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