An all new fanfiction detailing an alternate Mystic Falls. The one where no one rallied up vampires or the one where Katherine Pierce never left. This is The Katerina Diaries...

Season Summary

4 days after Stefan and Damon's transition, Mystic Falls is on edge. Death has come upon the town and has everyone startled. Katherine's past comes back to haunt her while she begins an intense love affair with Stefan. Emily's witch status is threatened by her love for Johnathan Gilbert, an impromptu vampire slayer. Also, Margaret Forbes' union to George Lockwood comes with great danger as she learns a dark family secret.

Will everyone survive Mystic Falls?





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Season One - Episode Guide

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LoveDelena October 2nd, 2014 1x01

THE INTENSITY BURNS WITHIN AND THE BIGGEST LOVE TRIANGLE OF THE 1800S BEGINS NOW - 4 days after Stefan and Damon's transition, they awaken to discover an odd truth to vampirism. The brothers must face Katherine, who has some serious explaining to do. Elsewhere, Honoria Fell's warning puts Margaret Forbes on edge. Meanwhile, Emily Bennett is introduced to a new fact that she had not known before. Finally, Johnathan Gilbert and the others become alert when a couple of nomads are found dead near Wickery Bridge.



To Kill A Mockingbird LoveDelena October 9th, 2014 1x02
DEATH COMES TO MYSTIC FALLS - Now that Stefan and Damon are vampires, Katherine takes up the opportunity to have some fun. However, Katherine's plan is shortlived when Johnathan Gilbert reveals devastating news. Elsewhere, Margaret Forbes is presented with a new obstacle which involves the town's bachelor George Lockwood. Meanwhile, Emily's discovery prompts her to visit Anna, who reveals a shocking fact about her mother Pearl. Finally, Katherine's hard demeanor is cracked when Stefan shows her a more vulnerable side of him.
[[Image:|150px]] And Then There Were None LoveDelena October 16th, 2014 1x03

Katherine's newfound appreciation for Stefan creates tension with Damon. Elsewhere, Margaret's curiosity puts George Lockwood on alert. Anna's confession leads Emily to a strange past while Honoria Fell takes advantange of Emily's state. Meanwhile, Stefan and Katherine's courtship gains the attention of Johnathan Gilbert. Finally, Katherine's dreams almost come true until a familar face enters her life and threatens to expose her secrets.

[[Image:|150px]] How The Steel Was Tempered LoveDelena October 23rd, 2014 1x04
KATHERINE'S PAST COMES BACK TO BITE HER IN THE ASS - With the realization that Nykic is here to stay, Katherine enlists Stefan and Damon's help. However, Damon has another thing up his sleeve. Meanwhile, Emily confronts Honoria over her recent deceit, leading to a shocking reveal. Elsewhere, Johnathan Gilbert's hunting becomes life-threatening when a powerful vampire attacks him. Finally, Johnathan Gilbert's feelings for Emily reach a climax when his true nature is revealed.
[[Image:|150px]] ]]]]]]] Katherine's World LoveDelena November 6th, 2014 1x05

Nykic's imposing presence starts to take a toll on Katherine and her growing relationship with Stefan. Elsewhere, Damon's grief for his father convinces him to remember a distant memory involving his mother, Lily Salvatore. Emily's newfound relationship with Johnathan Gilbert constantly keeps her on edge about his safety and convinces Honoria Fell to teach Emily a lesson. Finally, George Lockwood's recent outburst alerts Margaret to a dark secret.

[[Image:|150px]] Guess How Much I Love You LoveDelena November 13th, 2014 1x06
SHE HAS SOME SERIOUS EXPLAINING TO DO - Curious as to why Nykic is after her, Stefan decides to take Katherine on a romantic getaway and question her about it. Meanwhile, Damon's jealousy results in a violent confrontation with Johnathan Gilbert. Emily's curiosity about Honoria Fell comes to a boiling point when Honoria tells her the history of the Fells. Elsewhere, Margaret's knowledge of George Lockwood's werewolfism prompts her to visit Anna and Pearl. Finally, Katherine reveals a devastating secret to Stefan.
[[Image:|150px]] No Longer Human LoveDelena November 20th, 2014 1x07
THE LOVE I HAVE FOR YOU IS NO LONGER HUMAN - Coming to the realization that Katherine is as human as anyone else, Stefan vows to protect her from Nykic, but Nykic has something else planned. Meanwhile, Damon's outburst attracts the attention of Emily, who decides to lay down the law with him. Seeing how much a threat Damon is, Johnathan Gilbert decides to take matters into his own hands. Elsewhere, Honoria Fell decides to confront Margaret about her trip to Anna and Pearl, which prompts Margaret to ask Honoria some questions as well. Finally, George Lockwood's suspicions about the Salvatore brothers reign true when George discovers something sickening.
[[Image:|150px]] The Deathly, The Divine and The Dark LoveDelena December 4th, 2014 1x08
SECRETS ARE REVEALED AND LIVES ARE TURNED UPSIDE DOWN - Now knowing that George Lockwood knows about them, Damon decides to take matters into his own hands. Nykic's plan to get revenge on Katherine is interrupted when Johnathan Gilbert and Emily capture him and question his motives. Elsewhere, Stefan and Katherine have an intense encounter with Honoria Fell, raising Katherine's suspicions. Finally, Damon plan goes awry when he lands in deep trouble and learns a disturbing secret about Mystic Falls.
[[Image:|150px]] A Snake in the Garden of Eden LoveDelena Deccember 11th, 2014 1x09
DAMON IS KIDNAPPED AND KATHERINE MUST SAVE HIM - Once learning that Damon is in trouble, Katherine races to save him. However, Stefan gives Katherine a proposition that shocks her. Emily and Johnathan Gilbert continue to question Nykic, which ends in the revelation of a shocking secret and some scandalous behavior. Meanwhile, George Lockwood reveals the werewolves history in Mystic Falls to Damon and Damon raises an interesting question. Elsewhere, Honoria Fell meets up with an old friend who provides interesting information about Katherine. Finally, Margaret Forbes's alliance with Anna and Pearl turns into a fight for her life.
[[Image:|150px]] Walking Onwards to the Golden Mill LoveDelena January 15th, 2015 1x10
THE HUNT FOR DAMON IS HARDER THAN IT SEEMS - With Damon still in George Lockwood's control, Katherine runs to Emily for help, who gives her a shocking answer. Stefan goes to Johnathan Gilbert with the deal of a lifetime in exchange for help to save Damon. Meanwhile, Anna delivers a disturbing message to Honoria Fell, which prompts Honoria to try and save Margaret's life. Elsewhere, Pearl's exposes her hatred for Margaret, which gets a shocking response from Margaret. Finally, Damon's savior reveals their intentions and exactly how Damon can help with that.
[[Image:|150px]] Pride and Prejudice LoveDelena January 22nd, 2015 1x11
LEXI BRANSON COMES TO MYSTIC FALLS - With Nykic and Damon's newfound friendship catching Katherine's eye, Katherine decides to do some investigating and ends up in danger. Johnathan Gilbert pursues Stefan in an attempt to have Stefan hold up his part of the deal. Elsewhere, Margaret's nightmares of her time with Pearl and Anna starts to frighten George Lockwood and Honoria Fell. Finally, Emily and Lexi Branson team up and finally put the pieces of Nykic's plan together, which shakes them to their core.
[[Image:|150px]] Unholy Shadow LoveDelena January 29th, 2015 1x12
EVERYTHING HAS BEEN A LIE UNTIL NOW - Realizing that Nykic wants to sacrifice Stefan and Katherine and steal their doppelganger power, Emily plans to put a stop to his plan. However, Damon's alliance with Nykic gets in her way and Johnathan Gilbert tries to take action. Elsewhere, Honoria Fell confronts Lexi Branson and prompts her to find more information on Katherine's past. Finally, the ritual ends in death, a breakup, a makeup and the introduction of a new enemy.
[[Image:|150px]] Freed From The Past, Lost In The Future LoveDelena February 12th, 2015 1x13
STARTING FROM THE DEEP END - With Nykic now dead, Katherine's life begins to slow down again. However, Honoria Fell's overbearing presence starts to alert Katherine to a much darker truth. Elsewhere, Stefan notices Damon's distant behavior and decides to do some brotherly bonding, but later turns deadly when George Lockwood shows up. Meanwhile, Lexi decides to make herself useful by becoming friends with Emily, much to Johnathan Gilbert's chagrin. Finally, Katherine discovers something that shakes her to her core.
[[Image:|150px]] The Future, She Wrote LoveDelena February 19th, 2015 1x14
ELENA GILBERT IS IN THE PAST - Now that Katherine knows the secret Honoria Fell has been hiding, she decides to take action. However, Stefan has another plan up his sleeve. Elsewhere, Damon tends to Elena Gilbert, who knows a lot more than she lets on. Knowing that Lexi has double intentions, Johnathan Gilbert plans to warn Emily yet when he does, things go awry. Meanwhile, Margaret decides to question George Lockwood, yet her original plan is hindered when Thomas Fell pays a visit. Finally, Katherine and Stefan's attempts don't go as planned when Honoria Fell and her brother August provide a piece of disturbing information.
Drag Me To Hell, or Mystic Falls LoveDelena February 26th, 2015 1x15
THE FELLS' SECRETS DATE BACK YEARS AND YEARS - With Katherine now alert that The Fells tried to kill her in the Atlanta fire, she decides to hunt the Fells one by one. However, Honoria Fell reveals a strange truth that changes Katherine's disposition. Elsewhere, Stefan holds up his deal with Johnathan Gilbert and he reveals his first target: Lexi. Margaret and George Lockwood are alerted to something more sinister when Thomas Fell reveals Katherine's true nature. Finally, while bonding with Elena, Damon reveals a hidden secret about his mother Lily and Honoria Fell.
Blood Rain in A Snowstorm LoveDelena March 12th, 2015 1x16
THE SECRET OF A LIFETIME - Knowing that there is no way out of 1864, Elena decides to embrace her new path. However, Katherine's jealousy comes to a boiling point. Meanwhile, Damon and Stefan decide to question Honoria Fell and her family. Johnathan Gilbert's recent betrayal disturbs Emily to her core and Lexi puts a target on his back. Elsewhere, Margaret Forbes confronts Katherine about recent information and is shocked when she meets Elena. Finally, Damon's growing suspicions of his family's connection to the Fells reign true when a familar face shows up on his door step.
[[Image:|150px]] Redrum LoveDelena March 19th, 2015 1x17
LILY SALVATORE IS BACK & FOUNDERS' DAY - With their mother back in the picture, Stefan and Damon take the chance to bond with her at the Founders' Day ball. Elsewhere, Katherine and Margaret Forbes decide to investigate Honoria Fell and her brother August, yet Margaret's PTSD gets in the way. Emily and Lexi's friendship comes in jepordy when Lexi decides to get revenge at Johnathan Gilbert. Meanwhile, Anna and Pearl try to strike a deal with Thomas Fell but he reveals some new information. Finally, Elena meets George Lockwood, who presents her with a strange present that changes her world forever.
[[Image:|150px]] The Judge is Not the Good, But Rather the Evil LoveDelena April 16th, 2015 1x18
ELENA MUST DEAL WITH A SHOCKING REVELATION - Armed with the information that the Fells had something to do with her trip back to 1864, Elena decides to confront Honoria Fell and Thomas Fell about this recent truth. Elsewhere, Damon and Emily agree to help Lily adjust to living around humans, but things take a disturbing turn. Meanwhile, Stefan's deal with Johnathan Gilbert reaches a boiling point when Johnathan's final request is the right to kill Damon. Lexi tries to apologize to Emily but instead runs into a delusional Margaret, which lets a small secret slip. Finally, Katherine's investigation of the Fells turns grim when Anna and Pearl reveal something about Lily's negotiation with the Fells.
[[Image:|150px]] The Present Is The Future LoveDelena April 23rd, 2015 1x19
WHAT ARE THE FELLS PLANNING? - Now alert to Honoria Fell's plan, Katherine plans to put an end to it. However, Elena's curiosity with the Fells causes some tension for the doppelgangers. Elsewhere, Lexi decides to confront George Lockwood about Margaret's recent spill, but Margaret causes trouble for Lexi.. Finally, Stefan decides to enact some pain onto Johnathan Gilbert, with Damon's help but things turn bloody when Lily is involved into the little mess.
Goodbyes & Good Wine LoveDelena April 30th, 2015 1x20
MARGARET AND GEORGE'S WEDDING - With Honoria Fell, August Fell and the other Fells at the wedding, Katherine recruits Stefan, Lily, Emily and Lexi to help her stop the Fells. Meanwhile, Damon is tasked to keep Elena hidden and safe. However, Damon's task becomes hard when Elena escapes to the party looking for answers. Elsewhere, Johnathan Gilbert discusses a plan of action for Mystic Falls with Anna and Pearl, who proposes a grim choice. Finally, Margaret's condition at the party starts a commotion and George Lockwood and Elena discover the Fells' master plan.
[[Image:|150px]] Markings of A Demon-Faced Angel LoveDelena May 7th, 2015 1x21
THE FELLS' ARE PLANNING TO KILL THE SALVATORES AND TAKE THE DOPPELGANGERS' POWER AWAY - With the realization that Katherine and Elena are in danger, [[Damon] propose a plan that could save them, which Stefan agrees. However, Emily and Lily are skeptical at this plan actually working. Meanwhile, Johnathan Gilbert's plan for action is ready but Lexi proves to be a difficult obstacle. Margaret's PTSD proves a challenge for George Lockwood when he tries to get ready for a full moon and tries to help Margaret. Finally, Anna and Pearl are recruited in Honoria Fell's dangerous plan and Lily is led to an uncertain future.
[[Image:|150px]] Gone With The Wind LoveDelena May 14th, 2015 1x22
THE SEASON FINALE - With Honoria Fell's hunt for them being hotter and hotter every moment, Katherine and Elena try to escape them and perfect Stefan and Damon's plan. Elsewhere, Emily is working on her spell when she is faced with a new challenge presented by Johnathan Gilbert and the townspeople. George Lockwood's burden, known as Margaret, comes to a boiling point when a violent altercation ensues. Meanwhile, Anna and Pearl are betrayed by Honoria Fell and her family, who reveal their plan is not what it seems. Finally, Emily's plan works as Katherine is sent to a foreign world and Elena faces a shocking destiny.


  • In this fanfiction, Honoria Fell is 20 years younger than seen in The Vampire Diaries. Meaning, Honoria Fell is 23 years old.
    • Honoria Fell is also not married in this fanfiction and she is heavily hinted to be a supernatural creature.
  • This fanfiction also takes place in a different reality than in The Vampire Diaries. This fanfiction takes place in a reality where Mystic Falls weren't alerted to the vampires and the werewolves. Also, Stefan's father is still dead in this reality.
  • The season ended with Elena's death, Katherine being sent to present world during the first episode of TVD but in a different reality, George and Margaret's tragic deaths as well Anna and Pearl's deaths.
  • Season 2 of The Katherine Diaries will deal with Katherine being in 2009. However, in this reality, Katherine died in Mystic Falls in 1864, and the Gilberts or Elena never lived there. Damon and Stefan will be in Season 2 and everything is a clean slate. Katherine can finally live a normal life, or so she thought...

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