Kiss Me. Kill Me. Love Me. Hate Me. This is the Katerina Diaries.



With college beginning for them, the MFG start to evaluate life and their choices. However, the two month anniversary of Katherine's disappearance starts to near and Solomon's efforts to get her back lead to unresolved conflicts and dark secrets.

Kiss Me. Kill Me. Love Me. Hate Me. 




  • Chapter I: The Oblivion Chapter (5x01-5x09) This chapter deals with the disappearance of Katherine, as well as her discovery of her past. Also, the MFG deal with grief, loss and acceptance through a number of different ways. 
  • ​Chapter II: The Escaped Chapter (5x10-5x15) This chapter deals with the trials and tribulations of the escapees from Hell, as well as the discovery of other escapees and a downward spiral for one beloved character. 
  • Chapter III: The Demon Chapter (5x16-5x22)

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Image Title Writer(s) Airdate  Episode 
[[Image:|150px]] Dante's Inferno LoveDelena October 5th, 2018 5x01
A WHOLE NEW WORLD, LITERALLY - 2 months after the events of the season finale, life is finally back on track. Stefan and Lexi are going strong, Sarah's focusing on her school work, and Damon is making sure that Bonnie is always in his sight. However, Solomon's the only one who isn't enjoying college, as his girlfriend Katherine is still missing and there is no trace of her. To make sure she is somewhere to be found, Solomon turns to Sarah, who is hiding her newfound powers from everyone. Finally, Katherine is moritified by her experience in the oblivion when she meets a familar face.


Roses Are Dead, Violets Are Who? LoveDelena October 12th, 2018 5x02
BROKEN BY FAMILIARITY, STRENGTHENED BY STRANGERS - With Katherine realizing that her doppelganger Tatia knows more than she is letting on, Katherine decides to use old tactics get information out of her. Elsewhere, Bonnie's powers start to reappear, which stirs up fear within Damon. Running out of options, Solomon turns to Sarah, whose powers are more complicated than they seem. Noticing that Lexi's PTSD is more intense than previously thought, Stefan decides to contact Matt Donovan. Finally, Sarah's growing curiosity in the dark arts is fueled by the mysterious Professor Alaric Saltzman, whose strange connection to Mystic Falls blurs reality. 
[[Image:|150px]] Keep The Family Close  LoveDelena October 19th, 2018 5x03
KATERINA PETROVA, LONE SURVIVOR AND LONE SOUL - As Solomon's anxiety spirals into insanity, Sarah races against time to find a solution that will save everyone. With Lexi's humanity dwindling by the hour, Stefan and Matt race to find a supernatural solution to help Lexi. In order to turn the tables on Katherine and get her freedom back, Tatia plays some deadly mind games that lead to a cat-and-mouse like hunt. Meanwhile, Damon and Bonnie spend a night out on the town, but Damon's vampiric nature proves to be a challenge for Bonnie. Finally, Alaric's strange behavior catches Solomon's attention. 
[[Image:|150px]] Send My Love (To Your New Lover) LoveDelena October 26th, 2018 5x04
MYTH BLENDS INTO REALITY IN A PSYCHEDELIC EPISODE - With Katherine's chances of getting home slim down with each passing day, she makes a plan with Tatia in order to return.  Now that Solomon has Alaric's blood on his hands, he must devise a plan to ward off Sarah. Finally, Damon and Stefan travel to Bulgaria to search for Katherine's childhood home and they discover an important piece of information. 
[[Image:|150px]] ]]]]]]] Wicked LoveDelena October 26th, 2018 5x05
DAMON AND STEFAN'S QUEST FOR KATHERINE'S HOME LEADS TO ANSWERS AND SECRETS - Realizing that Katherine may be closer than they think, Stefan and Damon race against time to a gypsy in Bulgaria who can give them answers. However, the encounter raises more interesting questions than satisfying answers. Elsewhere, Tatia and Katherine fight it out, after Tatia reveals her true nature. Finally, Solomon and Sarah discover a new question in Alaric's assistant Georgie
[[Image:|150px]] Game of Thrones LoveDelena November 2nd, 2018 5x06
DAMON AND STEFAN RETURN WITH MORE QUESTIONS, WHILE BONNIE RETURNS WITH A REVELATION - Now that Stefan and Damon know that Katherine is in Hell, Stefan races against time to help her while Damon offers another solution. Elsewhere, Solomon's attempts to get Katherine back start to come to frutition when Sarah and Matt discover a spell that breaks down the wall between Hell and Earth. Meanwhile, Bonnie's return causes a dilemma for Damon, as he must make a hard choice. Finally, Katherine and Tatia receive a visit from Georgie, who gives them an important tool for survival. 
[[Image:|150px]] Dangerous Woman LoveDelena November 9th, 2018 5x07
TICK TOCK, IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN - With midterms fastly approaching, Bonnie looks for a way to get her magic back and rescue Katherine. Meanwhile, Sarah and Matt race against time for the ingredients to the spell and an escaped Lexi causes violent problems for them. Realizing that Stefan's hellbent on rescuing Katherine because he is in love with her, Damon recruits Georgie for help in putting a stop to Stefan's mission. Finally, Katherine and Tatia's plan to escape Hell takes an interesting twist when Solomon arrives with a crazed Lexi and a glimmer of hope. 
[[Image:|150px]] On The Radio LoveDelena November 16th, 2018 5x08
KATHERINE IS BACK, SOLOMON IS TRAPPED - Realizing that she successfully escaped Hell, Katherine decides to throw a party to celebrate. However, Solomon's disappearance makes Katherine extremely frightened. Elsewhere, Matt arrives in New York City in order to visit his friend Simone Veleroux, who holds more truths than anyone before. Now seeing that Georgie is a bridge between the two worlds, Sarah recruits her to rescue Solomon. Finally, Stefan, Damon and Bonnie discover a dark truth when Bonnie has a vision of Lexi and Solomon
[[Image:|150px]] Third Rock From The Sun LoveDelena November 30th, 2018 5x09
HELL IS A DREAM - Now realizing that Hell is a state of mind that transports its victims to locations around the world, Stefan and Damon race against time to find Lexi's and Solomon's bodies. Damon's constant travelling and unspoken quams prove to be a lot for Bonnie and she makes a heartbreaking decision. Meanwhile, Katherine realizes that someone else may have escaped from Hell at the same time she did. Elsewhere, Sarah interrogates Georgie, as she seems to know more than she lets on. Finally, when Damon and Stefan discover the location of the bodies, they make a shocking discover: Tatia
[[Image:|150px]] Return to Oz LoveDelena December 7th, 2018 5x10
A FREED SUPERNATURAL KILLER - With Bonnie working on a spell to return Lexi and Solomon's souls, Damon takes the time to focus on his own curiosity and visits Matt's friend Simone Veleroux in NYC. Elsewhere, Katherine's finals week gets more intense as a someone starts to stalk her on campus. Matt decides to make amends with Sarah and helps her control her power, which leads to a bittersweet moment. Noticing that he still has lingering feelings for Katherine and Lexi, Stefan confronts Katherine for her true disposition toward him. Finally, when Solomon and Lexi awake, Tatia reveals a dark secret about a new enemy.
[[Image:|150px]] Mind Of Mine LoveDelena January 25th, 2019 5x11
BONNIE'S COUSIN KORA COMES TO VISIT WITH A FEW SECRETS - Now reunited with Solomon and permanently free of Stefan, Katherine decides to take the time and go on a date with him. However, an extremely powerful man named Jon Walton disrupts the beautiful night. When Simone Veleroux's gruesome death makes headlines, Matt and Sarah realize Damon was the last person to see her and they violently confront him. Elsewhere, Kora Bennet, Bonnie's nomad cousin, comes to visit Bonnie and raises Stefan's suspicions when she can't explain her wherebouts for the past 2 years. Finally, Lexi discovers that escaping Hell comes with violent consequences. 
[[Image:|150px]] Wild LoveDelena February 1st, 2019 5x12
WHAT DOES JON REALLY WANT? - Curious to discover Jon's true motive, Katherine asks Matt and Sarah for some help. Elsewhere, Stefan and Lexi reconnect as she finally has her emotional baggage under control. However, Kora proves to disrupt that when Lexi recognizes her from Hell. Noticing that he is unwanted in Mystic Falls, Damon makes a drastic decision that will effect the lives of everyone. Finally, Tatia takes heed of Jon's extremely abnormal abilities when he goes after her. 
[[Image:|150px]] Kissing Apple Trees & Burning Blue Leaves  LoveDelena February 8th, 2019 5x13
TATIA AND BONNIE LOOK INTO WHAT JON IS - Now armed with information that places Kora in Hell too, Stefan and Lexi investigate the Bennett family tree. Elsewhere, Katherine and Solomon look for Damon, whose suspicious note leads them to think the worst. Finally, Tatia and Bonnie discover a terrifying fact when they do research at the town library. 
[[Image:|150px]] Haus of Hell LoveDelena February 15th, 2019 5x14
JON'S REIGN OF TERROR BEGINS NOW - Now realizing that Jon is an immortal demon, Bonnie and Katherine race against time to discover a solution to get rid of him. When Stefan notices that Damon is going through a downward spiral without Bonnie, he intervenes and has a "brother bonding day" with Damon in order to get his mind off of things. Elsewhere, Sarah and Matt start to heat up when they spend a night of studying in Sarah's dorm. Meanwhile, Solomon and Lexi share their darkest fears to one another, yet are confronted by a fearful Katherine and a lethal Jon. Finally, Kora reveals to Bonnie the reason why she went to hell. 
This Is What You Came For LoveDelena February 22nd, 2019 5x15
JON IS UNSTOPPABLE - Realizing that defeating Jon would take all her power, Bonnie proposes another plan: drive him out of Mystic Falls. However, Damon weighs the possible consequences of setting Jon loose with her. Elsewhere, Katherine, Solomon, Sarah and Matt fight for their lives when Jon attacks them at the library. In order to help Lexi fully recover, Stefan takes her to see Kora, who reveals that she was a servant of Hell because of her crimes. Finally, Georgie returns to town and reveals a dark secret to Tatia about Jon: every time he "dies", his body replicates himself and a double. 
Needed Me LoveDelena March 29thst, 2019 5x16
[[Image:|150px]] LoveDelena April 5th, 2019 5x17
[[Image:|150px]] LoveDelena

April 12th, 2019

[[Image:|150px]] LoveDelena April 19th, 2019 5x19
LoveDelena April 26th, 2019 5x20
[[Image:|150px]] LoveDelena May 3rd, 2019 5x21
[[Image:|150px]] LoveDelena May 10th, 2019 5x22


  • Will Lexi ever return from the supernatural asylum?
    • Yes, she will. Lexi's mental state is too much for Stefan to handle and he needed a way to regroup.
  • What's going on with Damon and Bonnie?
    • Well, Bamon has had a turbulent relationship. Finally, we're getting to the place where all healthy relationships go: the break. Whether or not Bamon parts, that's the true question.
  • Is Stefan's newfound quest to help Katherine out of love for her or his journey back to her?
    • Well, Stefan, Kat, and Solomon are all in this love triangle. While Stefan's relationship with Lexi was extremely short-lived, his dynamic with Katherine is something that transpires anything he has ever felt. HOWEVER, Katherine is drawn to Solomon's tortured soul and the fact that he has this weird clean slate that makes things interesting.
  • So Matt returning this season? How many episodes will he be in and what's his story?
    • Well, Matt is scheduled to appear in 15 episodes this season. He has broken up with Meredith and moved to Grove Hill, which is near Mystic Falls but is less violent. Matt likes it there, but he will soon be involved in the action and with a specific girl...

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