DEATH, HEARTBREAK AND REUNION STRIKE MYSTIC FALLS - Qetsiyah declares war on the gang. It is February 1st and Megan is ready to perform the spell, but Katherine has another plan in mind, which leads to Stefan and Damon having to stop it. Caroline and Elena meet up with Aaron again, who has a deadly message from Bonnie. Solomon reveals that he is not their enemy, but someone who knows who their new enemy is. Finally, Tyler makes a huge mistake, which could initiate the lost of a beloved character and the unbelievable return of another.



Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast



  • Explosions - Ellie Goulding
  • Still Into You - Paramore
  • I Choose U - Timeflies
  • I've Been Alone Too Long - SoKo
  • Baby I - Ariana Grande



  • Jeremy says how he missed Jenna so much.
  • Jenna comes back as a vampire now.
  • Jenna reveals that she didn't find peace and that Esther lied to convince Elena to help her.

Behind the Scenes

Caroline Dries originally said that they were gonna kill off Elena and have the first half of the season focus on reviving her, but "We all know that some fans don't like Elena. But killing her off would be dumb. Jenna's resurrection seems like a cop out but it isn't, cause her storyline in Season 6 will be epic. Jenna's storyline won't be a transition storyline, but a TOTALLY diferent storyline, as she kinda knows how to be a proper vampire."

Cultural References

  • Damon mentions One Direction.





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