So I am writing today to inform you that I have taken the time to create a fanfiction. Now I feel that I would love to do this, even though I don't have any characters to begin with. I have a synopsis and a format ready, I just need your help! I would hope and love for you all to contribute. If you are interested in becoming a writer, then PLEASE write on my profile wall or direct message me. Anyway, I have chosen to make Matt Donovan a major character in this. i want to create different storylines than TVD and make it more unique. Basically, I need 1 witch or psychic, 1 vampire and everyone else to be human. I would prefer a female main protagonist, but male is fine as well. Also, I would like to have a gay male or female character in it as well. So I hope you respond to this ~

So here is the synopsis:

A few years after Mystic Falls Gang defeated their biggest enemy yet, everything went back to normal. But when April Young shows up dead, the safety of Mystic Falls is questioned by the one and only Matt Donovan. This startling death ignites the curiousity of Valerie Fell and her friends, who may have ties to the supernatural world and to The Other Side.


So that's it! I wanted to make it so that it is like TVD, but has totally different characters. I already have the name of the main character, but I need at least 5 more main characters to protray her friends! I want to also have a gay character be a main character, as TVD is lacking in LGBT characters. So here is the format in which you should audition a character :


Name :

Age : (Prefered to be under 18 or 19)

Species :

Personality :

Appearance : (Style, fashion-sense, hair color, eye color)

Backstory : (Looking for the most interesting and realistic)

Sexual Orientation : (Straight, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Non - Label Specific)

Occupation : If any.

Actress or Actor Name : (Fictional or Non - Fictional)


But hopefully you guys respond to this. I really hope you do and I want to get started on this as soon as possible! I thank you guys for your attention! Love you guys and I hope you enjoy TVD AND TO!


LoveDelena <3

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