Kurt Petrova is a 506 year old vampire. He is the son of Nadia Petrova and the grandson of Katerina Petrova. He is a very sneaky, cunning, intelligent and handsome vampire. His inital reasons for coming to Mystic Falls are evil, yet his love for Valerie tames him. He doesn't have an interest in finding his family, unlike his mother Nadia. He is a former Traveler witch and he used to practice magic for a few weeks. However, before his powers could fully develop, an unknown vampire turned him. Kurt believes in true love and not destiny at work. He has even said, "Destiny is the one thing I am afraid of. It will do anything to get what it wants. True love is something rare and something special. I have never found true love, have you?"


Kurt Petrova was born in the year 1508 from Nadia Petrova. He lived in Bulgaria until 1526 when he moved to England and met a girl named Lauerie. She was a mysterious French woman who led him to the darkest places in England. One day, Kurt goes to meet her and he is attacked by a vampire and they feed him their blood. Later that night, Kurt and Lauerie get into a vicious fight and she snaps his neck out of anger. He then awakens a vampire a few nights later.

In 1759, he encounters a man named William "Will" Velding and he turns him. He accompanies Will until they reach Atlanta in 1864 and are almost killed in a fire that was potentially set by Katerina Petrova.

In The Series

Season 1

Personality & Appearance

Kurt is very manipulative, clever and sneaky. He is also very loving once you break down those walls and has a very sarcastic sense of humor.

Kurt is tall (about 6'1), well-built, has tan skin and has dark green eyes. However, a keen eye (i.e Valerie) can see how terrified and sinister his eyes really are. Kurt is usually seen wearing button down shirts or simple v-necks with denim or black jeans. He is also seen wearing boots or, rarely, Toms.



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