DAMON AND ELENA KISS - When Elena finds out about Matt's power, she tries to help him keep it a secret. Katherine and Kelly Donovan make a deal concerning Matt, while Stefan tries to uncover the truth behind Celine's plan. Caroline and Elena go to a party, where the meet the gay and sarcastic Luke. Meanwhile, at the party, Zander reveals his strange connection to Tyler to Caroline. Finally, Sheriff Forbes discovers a pattern of murders in Mystic Falls.



Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast


  • This is the first appearance of recurring character Luke.
  • Kelly Donovan returns after a large absent.
  • Elena and Damon share a kiss in this episode.


Behind the Scenes

  • Caroline Dries reveals "This episode foreshadows the new arc of Season 6. This episode advances Matt's storyline and introduces Luke, whose role will increase in the next 5 or 6 episodes. Also, Katherine's dilemma this season leads her to talk to Matt's mom. Crazy, right?"

Cultural References

  • Katherine makes a reference to the Capulets', one of the feuding families in the play Romeo and Juliet.







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