Hi guys! I'm new here, been watching The Vampire Diaries since it was first aired. So let's get down to TVD.

I'm Team Damon. I won't talk to you if you prefer Stelena (just kidding. I like Damon a lot, though). Delena and Datherine are my two favourites, in third is Steferine, then Steroline, Klaroline and Janna. I don't really like Jeremy or Bonnie, so the only reason I like Janna is for Anna (and how sweet and devious she was!) so I don't like Beremy at all. But Stelena and Forwood are kind of cute; that was until 'hello brother' and Klaus' crush on Caroline. Ooh, and I love Mabekah! Matt is so good for Rebekah, because when she's on her own, she's a stone cold bitch, and Matt brings the goodness out in her. I love them to bits!

One word. Katherine. The official page on Facebook left a tribute video to the elusive Katherine Pierce, so I guess that is that. My instincts were right: They got everyone to hate Miss Petrova, just to kill her off. And then they hit us in the feels by her goodbye to Stefan, where she kissed him and he stabbed her in the stomach. If Stefan had any kind of decency at all, he'd lose every. Single. Bit. Of. Hope. He has for Elena and him, get a new body for Katherine or something, and then love her. Not trying repeatedly to get Elena off Damon. 

So, let's play a game. Tomorrow, SE fans, give me reasons why you think Damon is a douche and why Stefan is better, and I'll give you reasons why Stefan is a douche and Damon is better. Bye for now!

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