• Liamjaco1998


    July 16, 2012 by Liamjaco1998

    Sandra Salvatore was born & raised in the town of Mystic Falls (December, 8 1002), She was named the queen of Mystic Falls that was because she lived in the Bornstock Mansion Known now as the Lockwood Mansion. Her Husbend Victor Hosmend who was a Vampire slayer died after being bitten by a vampire & burne

    d to death. Sons Damon & Stefan Salvatore were born on September, 20 1505 when she married to her new man Giusepee Francis born May, 18 0802. But all was not good when Sandra fled to an unkno wn town or city & has been missing since.

    In The Darkness, Sandras first Modern day appearance. Sandra returns to Mystic Falls to reunit with her sons as she found out about Katherine turning them into Vampires. But they explain that they dont want an…

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