So for the past few days I was feeling nostalgic, and I watched all the VD eps back to back and I realised, I literally have cried in most episodes! VD's has had me feeling a whole range of emotions in just one episode! but the main emotion is saddness, real tear jerking, reaching for the tissues, crying like a baby moments! so, I felt like listing in my opinion the best saddest moments the VD's had to offer....

season 1, ep. 14 'Fool Me Once' it took season 1 14 episodes to get me to have a real cry, tissues and everything.. but this was the first moment I did full on bawl! After a hard spell, Bonnie and her Grams head home, Grams, being exhausted goes to lie down. Bonnie checks in on her and finds she has passed away.. Now I didn't really care much for Bonnie or Grams at this point in the season, but it was the first time I ever really sypathised with a character, and I found this scene extremely emotional.

season 2, ep. 6 'Plan B'. This episode was painful to watch, at this point I was totally team Stefan, I hadn't seen any goodside of Damon, and I was completely in love with Stefan.. this episode shows the lengths that Katherine was willing to go to get Stefan back in her life, and it results in Elena's aunt Jenna stabbing herself under the compulsion of Katherine. But the reall sad moment in this episode was when Elena realised she and Stefan could not be together whilst Katherine is around, and all the dangers her family are under with vampires around. When she breaks up with him, for real, it breaks my heart to watch Stefan standing there, his bottom lip quivering away, I just wanted to hug the poor man!! It was a real cry baby moment for me with VD's!

season 2, ep. 12 'The Descent'. I wouldn't say that this episode was a real bad tear jerker, but it did show an extremely rare side, and shocking moment in Damon.. he showed he does have a heart, and he is just a big softty underneath all that bravardo! Rose gets bitten the werewolf Jules, and she is dying a painful death, and to make things easy for her, Damon lies beside her and makes her last moments peaceful and happy, showing her the place she grew up in and where she felt most happy. I must admit this did shift Stefan over in my heart and created a little space for Damon.

season 2, ep. 21 'The Sun Also Rises'. Now this episode, it made me feel for John Gilbert, given he made choices on the show that made me think he was a complete and utter idiot, and I didn't like him very much at all, buthe traded his life for Elena to live. The moment that had me reaching for the tissues was John and Jenna's funeral. It surprised me to feel sad for John, and Jenna. The letter he left for Elena just redeemed his character so much, and you can see that everything he did was just to protect his daughter, couple Johns voice over and the funeral, and a Birdy song and you have a recipe for tears!!

season 3, ep. 13 'Bringing Out The Dead' This was a real defining moment for the character of Caroline in my opinion, throught the series I could take her or leave her, infact sometimes I found her annoying. But then her father gets turned into a vampire and he decides to not complete the transition. It shows a softer side to Caroline, and how she just wants her dad to accept her for who she is, and not hate her for what she become. No girl wants to lose their daddy, and this scene held some person value to me also, and those words that Caroline mutters 'please don't leave me daddy', it broke my heart, had me reaching for my tissues once again. It was sad because he could of survived, and he could of stayed in her life, the fact that he chose not to is what Caroline had to come to terms with.

season 3, ep. 20 'Do Not Go Gentle'. Yet another death in VD that we all had to face, but this time, someone I truly adored. Alaric's death. It was so hard to watch! the horrible original witch Esther makes him change into a vampire, but Alaric doesn't want to become one, so he takes himself off to a crypt in the cemetary to die, what was heartbreaking about this was the goodbyes he gave, to Elena and Jeremy, 2 kids he took responsibility for, felt like they were his, a family he had always wanted, and then his speech with Damon, this friendship was by far the shows best and unexpected. Again Damon's space in my heart grew bigger, he was having to say goodbye to one of the only real friend he had, it was heartbreaking, couple that with The Fray song playing over the scene and then seeing everyone in the gang standing outside to say goodbye to Alaric, complete emotional breakdown! It had me sobbing ridiculously! it didn't make it any better when Bonnie fed him her blood and brought him back, because he didn't come back as Alaric, he came back as his evil alter ego!

season 3, ep. 22 'The Departed'. I cant even begin to explain all the emotions I felt during this episode! I think I spent half the time crying! It was the moment Elena finally had to chose between the Salvator's, the fact that both of them could be dying, and she is half way between both.. Her phone call with Damon, when he realises its Stefan and he thinks it will always be Stefan for Elena.. I genuinely would of hated to be in her position, because at this point in the series I was completely in love with both brothers.. but then she tells him that if she had met him first, maybe it would be different, and then it shows in a flashback that Damon did infact meet her first... hit me right in the heart! so after finally stopping crying from that scene, they then go and throw another heart breaking moment in there, Damon is fighting the now evil Alaric, who's life is tied to Elena's, and he is getting weaker, causing Damon to realise that somewhere Elena is dying, not only does he have to sit there and watch his bestfriend die all over again, he also has to deal with the fact that the one person he loves is dead...

season 4, ep. 15 'Stand By Me'. The real moment where Nina Dobrev showed off her acting talents, and did an amazing job. Jeremy is dead, and Elena finally accepts it, by doing so she realises that everyon she loved is dead, her parents, Jenna, Alaric, and now her brother, and her break down, crying about the pain she is feeling also being magnified now she is a vampire, its such a heartbreaking moment for Elena Gilbert.

season 5, ep 4 'For Whom The Bell Tolls'. Bonnie's funeral, she wasn't really one of my favs on the show, but her goodbye speech to her friends, it was perfect, and so sad, when all she really wanted to do was say goodbye properly, and she finally got the opportunity to do it. Everything she said was perfect, and she knew exactly what to say to make them all feel a little better about her death, also another scene that had a Birdy song playing, its just guarenteed to make you cry!

season 5, ep. 21 'Promise Land' Stefan... dies.... I cannot tell you how freaking heartbroken I actually was! If ever there was a plot twist I never wanted the producers to do it was to kill of either one of the Salvators... and they did it, his heart ripped right of chest, which is fitting because it felt like they had done the same to me!! Caroline just being seconds late for saving him.. Also her crying and panicking, it was where I realised Caroline never really had much credit, and she needed it! Candice Accola's acting in this scene was just pure gold.

season 5, ep. 22 'Home'. With my heart being firmly back in its place with Stefan alive again, the producers ripped it back out without a second to breath, Damon, dead. Stuck on the other side because those stupid twin witches stopped the spell that helped her bring people back.. When Elena realises he is actually dead, and there is no coming back for him, is truely was THE most heartbreaking moment HANDS DOWN, and I'm positive that in seasons to come this will be hard to beat. If anyone ever doubted that Damon and Elena truly loved eachother, they were proven wrong there and then. His speech was just soul destroying, his goodbye that wasn't even heard by the poor Elena!! just brilliant!

season 6, ep. 5 'The World Has Turned And Left Me Here'. Damon and Stefan, reunited.... the moment when Stefan finally admits to himself that he is not coping without Damon, and then poof, he's there, the look on  his face, when he sees Damon standing there, alive and well, its happy tears, but lots of them!! the Salvator brothers back together how they belong!! amazing....

WELLLLLL that was depressing!! thanks for reading! go easy on me, this is my first ever attempt at a blog! :)

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