Camille may understand Klaus better, but he and Auro
Klaurora - 02.
ra is so much more alike.
I am bipolar myself and even though I fall more intensly in love with people like me, there is no way I could build a future with such a person, cause there is no clue where we would end up, it's just too crazy a life. I found mysef in too weird situations all of a sudden when following my heart blindly, one day of calmness to ending up in a different country even. It's like an evergoing rollercoaster, and you hurt eachther so much, and the next second you haven't ever loved anyone or anything as much.
I need someone as calm and understanding and life guiding as Camille to hold me back on this earth, and I think Klaus is of the same sort, he loves them both, but I belive he loves Aurora with so much more extas and power, but Camille is the one he needs to live a happy life.

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