Well, always, only one question...Stefan or Damon? It's impossible to answer!! Even when I'm asked Coca Cola or Pepsi? I always know the answer(Pepsi)!!! Well, that's not important!!

Right now, I've decided to make a list of the best things about each character, and who has more things will win.


  1. He's beautiful
  2. Paul Wesley has natural fangs(a coincidence made me have natural fangs too)
  3. He has a really good chemistry with Elena
  4. Ripper -> bad boy for a time!
  5. Recieves attention from both doppelgangers...nice!


  1. Sexy, hot guy!
  2. Older than Stefan (I think that it's only me, but I like older guys - my boyfriend is about 5 years older than me, but no problem for me)
  3. Damn Blue Eyes! Love you Ian!
  4. Better in the bed(Rose, Rebekah, Katherine, Caroline, Isobel knows better)
  5. Always a bad boy!! Who cares about Stefan's past? Present is great!
  6. Thinks only about how to make Elena happy
  7. Several times gave Elena his blood, because he doesn't want to lose her -> he loves her so much!!
  8. Love is more important than some stupid chemistry!
  9. No one cares about him, however he cares about everybody, Stefan, Elena, Caroline(why to give her vampire blood in first episode of Season 2?), Jeremy, Alaric
  10. Great drinking buddy!

I guess you know how to count everything!! Damon is double-better than Stefan!!

Damon and elena true love by delenafanatic-d30x4fa

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