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    Hey guys! TVD and members of the cast of TVD are nominated for a bunch of TCA's this year! Be sure to go vote for them!

    All together, they're nominated for six awards:

    Vote Candice Accola (Caroline) for Best Scene Stealer Female

    Vote Ian Somerhalder (Damon) or Paul Wesley (Stefan) for Best Actor Fantasy/Sci-Fi

    Vote Joseph Morgan (Klaus) for Best Villain

    Vote Kat Graham (Bonnie) or Nina Dobrev (Elena/Katherine) for Best Actress Fantasy/Sci-Fi

    Vote Michael Trevino (Tyler) for Best Scene Stealer Male

    Vote The Vampire Diaries for Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi

    Vote here -> [[Category:Blog posts[[

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  • Klaus' Mistress

    Season Four

    July 9, 2012 by Klaus' Mistress

    I posted this on the Season Four page but I wanted to post it on my blog too. Read on!

    To me, Elena being a vampire would just be stupid. The entire show since season one has been about either finding Klaus or saving Elena and now that everyone knows where Klaus is and Elena's supposedly a vampire who won't need saving, what are they going to do? If Elena IS a vampire, what help is she going to need? She'll be able to save herself if she drinks human blood, which we all know Damon will see out so she isn't weak. So what are they going to do?

    I've thought about a couple possibilities. Remember back in 1490 when Katherine had a baby girl? That baby girl's daughter's daughter's daughter's (add a couple more daughter's) daughter is Isobel who is…

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