My name is xxxxxxxxx , I am 22 years old . I am a fresh graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy (2013), Alexandria University with a grade (Distinction with honors). If I am  going to talk about myself , I will say that determination is my theme as I have always  hoped to study abroad since I was a child .But  as any girl in EGYPT; there were a lot of objections from my family, but after I stated my reasons, I have convinced them. Now, they are supporting me and they always make their utmost effort, so I can achieve my dreams. Moreover, I believe that I am a hard working person who can make her best attempt to fulfill your expectations.

        When I was at school, I had been always from the top ten students with the highest grades, where science was my favorite  subject .That's why I joined the faculty of pharmacy so I study what I like .In addition ,  to participate  in the industry of relieving pain of others .

In the faculty, I contemplated a great deal of subjects, But the one that seized me, was pharmaceutics, so I preferred it to perform my masters work. As it is very promising field in the medical industry and it opens to anyone various doors to a lot of academic fields upon completing your masters and the most important reason is for my country as I think it is in real need to be improved in that field if we want to raise the level of our health system.

      I want to perform my studies in Turkey, as it is somehow close to Egypt in traditions, also in population categories. Moreover, I find turkey, one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

          Since I have graduated, I kept looking for the suitable scholarship until I read about the Graduate Scholarship Program for International students, which captured my interest immediately .Because the institution supplies various fields to choose from, which is very interesting, also provides amazing studying programs and above all a lot of facilities for the international students.

        All in all, I will be honored if you consider my application. I promise to make my utmost effort so I can meet your expectations and even if I  was not  accepted , I would like to thank the institution  for giving a lot of students , the opportunity of their life .

Your Sincerely,

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