I was quite impressed with "memorial." and I hope the writers keep it up. There are a few deductions I wanted to mention and get everyone's opinion.

1. What did you think about "blood sharing?"

JP had mentioned here ( that it's a very intimate act. So I'm left to wonder the same thing as the writer of the aforementioned blog said, "Is it equivalent to vamp sex?" But of course, we are all too aware that vamps have normal sex also. Food for thought I guess....

The only other time we have seen blood sharing between two vampires was when Michael took a bite out of Katherine in the mausoleum (except the Klaroline moment- but Klaus is a hybrid, so I'm not sure if that counts??--But it would explain why Caroline gives Klaus the *tingles*). So was Katherine like, "Omg, Michael, I love it when you tap my vein!" Imagine if you overheard THAT at your grandmothers funeral.

Also, I think Michael mostly drank from vampires. So was Michael basically going around getting pleasure from bite raping other vampires? Geeze.

2. Elena can't stomach the blood.

Tumblr mc5i90mvua1r2320uo2 250

E Feeds on D

Do you think Damon was on to something when he said he thought it was her doppelganger aspect rejecting the blood?

If he is right, I would like to see them contact Katherine for help, so that we can see her seething over Elena's transition. A vengeful Kat should shake things up. Plus I love Katherine, and I want to see her more.


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