At the Dance

Before we meet Klaus in two weeks time, we have a 1960s-themed episode coming up: The Last Dance. It's an ominous sounding name for an episode; could it be someone's last dance? Will someone else die so soon after Isobel's shocking demise from Know Thy Enemy? We have several contenders so far.


We know that Klaus will start communicating with Elena via Alaric's possessed body. Since the real Klaus will appear in the following episode, it's likely that he will no longer have use for Alaric's body...does that mean Alaric will follow his dead wife??


With Matt's new role as Sheriff Forbes's spy, one of the biggest questions is if he will betray Caroline and the other vampires to the council. Or will be realize that he loves Caroline and protect her (please be the latter!). Either way it seems like Matt's in hot water. The promo for the next episode shows Matt taking Caroline to the 1960s dance but what is he really trying to do?

Bonnie and Jeremy

The new happy couple in Vampire Diaries (and Jeremy's third supernatural girlfriend) have dark days coming since Bonnie received her new powers. Jeremy asks Stefan for advice although that does seem like a conflict of interest since Bonnie is their new secret weapon. The writers can't possibly off another one of Jeremy's girlfriends...can they?

Episode Stills

Will someone die this week? Which couples will remain intact? Check out the currently cute couples of Vampire Diaries and vote below!


Which couples will stay together in Season 2?

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Will Matt betray Caroline?

The poll was created at 19:11 on April 11, 2011, and so far 15 people voted.

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