• Jessalyn D'Aubigne

    Hello Users,

    I have a problem: I have wanted some "Achievement points", but points of: "Game on! make 5 edits articles on Vampire Diaries Characters (0/5)", or "Past can never be forgotten make 50 edits on Vampire Diaries Characters articles (0/50)",etc., I could not score points. Apparent the category was changed to "Characters", but still I can not score points.

    I want to know if I'm the only one or all have the same problem.

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  • Jessalyn D'Aubigne

    Throughout the course of the series, the most frequent users express their emotions, ideas, expectations, desires, etc.., by the comments. But What do you really want to see, feel or happening on the show?

    Old One: "I want to see the appearance of the pure-blood vampires (The Old Ones), Dark Dimension, a fight between Elena and Katherine, as well as their deaths."

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  • Jessalyn D'Aubigne

    Hello everyone.

    I am looking for opinions on the following names: Kahn, Helder, Derleth, Sialeeds.

    Each have a meaning difficult to find and in some cases the name is composed of two.

    • Kahn - as a boy's name is of Hebrew and German origin, and the meaning is "priest".
    • Helder - as a boy's name is of Dutch origin, and the meaning is "clear".
    • Derleth - as a boy's name is of Old High German origin, and the meanings are:
      • Der = spear
      • leth = rule
    • Sialeeds - as a boy and girl 's name is of British and Percian origin, and the meanings are:
      • Sia - Great emperor
      • leeds - the violent one

    For Sialeeds, is used by a female character, however, her nephew and protagonist of the story has a female name, but his gender is male. The nephew's name means stubborn lady.However, …

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  • Jessalyn D'Aubigne

    In the book, The Hunters: Moonsong, reveals the possibility, almost a confirmation that Klaus: the Original Vampire is going to come back (revived) by Ethan, leader of Vitale Society (secret society of vampires).

    No mention, if the other Old Ones (if they really exist) appear in the last book, as well as the true origin of Klaus and vampires.

    • In the books, Klaus is much more powerful, deadly, and dangerous in comparison with your TV version, Niklaus.
    • It is revealed that Klaus has never been uman, making him to the vampire and supernatural being more powerful in the Original series.


    If not confirmed in the last book The Hunters, the existence of Old Ones, this means that Klaus is the Originator of all vampires. So far, it has been shown …

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  • Jessalyn D'Aubigne

    The name "Rebesther" is the combination of the queen of the vampires: Rebekah, and the most powerful witch: Esther.

    Reb = Rebekah

    e = both names (Reb "e" kah - "E" sther)

    sther = Esther

    For me. this name sounds to be used for both genders, as the names of Michael, Alex, Jessie, Redd, etc.

    What to say about this, Rebesther is a neutral name or just limited to female name?

    Note: Imagine it's the first time you hear, do not take into account the characters of the series, and the writers decided to create a new character, as Klaus, Phillipe, Adrienne, James, Amy, etc.

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