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  • IniZa519

    Who would you pick?

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  • IniZa519

    I want to know, who do you think Elijah is best with?

    We all know, he loved Tatia, liked Katherine (a fan told me that it's not love) & he loves Elena ( a fan told me that too).

    I couldn't find a picture of Tatia, so I uploaded a picture of Nina with Daniel backstage. Tatia was prettier than her dopplegangers (Rebekah said that) and we all know she'll appear in flashbacks only (lets just assume it's her in the picture)

    So who do you think Elijah is best with? :)

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  • IniZa519

    Which couple do you like?

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  • IniZa519

    I'm trying to match The Vampire Diaries & The Twilight Saga characters. I don't want to compare their personalities and physical appearances.

    The Vampire Diaries and Twilight Saga have many similarities.

    Can you help me match the characters?

    If you have no choice, you can skip the character.

    Match the (almost) similar character.

    TVD Character-

    1. Elena Gilbert - (Bella Swann / Alice Cullen)

    2. Damon Salvatore - (Edward Cullen / Jacob Black / Mike Newton)

    3. Stefan Salvatore - (Jacob Black / Mike Newton / Edward Cullen)

    4. Katherine Pierce - (Victoria / Alice Cullen / Rosalie Hale)

    5. Caroline Forbes - (Jessica Stanley / Angela Weber / Alice Cullen)

    6. Bonnie Bennett - ( Angela Weber / Alice Cullen / Rosalie Hale)

    7. Matt Donovan - ( Mike Newton / Tyle…

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  • IniZa519

    Heart of Darkness

    March 30, 2012 by IniZa519

    Heart of Darkness...what (or whom) do you think this refers to?

    First take a look at the promo, carefully:

    Who do you think turned Rose?

    I see Stefan punching someone, who do you think the person is?

    I think I see some witches too, is that Grams? and Bonnie?

    I think one of these will happen in this episode (or maybe later, this season):

    I still have a feeling that Katherine will turn up, in one of these last few seasons, atleast. Tyler and Klaus will fight against each other. Damon (or Stefan) might kill Rebekah. Elijah returns. The Salvatores must be from Elijah's bloodline.Esther returns. Someone kills Klaus.

    So tell me, guys, what do you think will happen? and why?

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