What an amazing start to a new season!!!! Growing Pains aired last night and we finally got to see more Elena, Stefan, and Damon hotness!

If you missed the episode, here is a small recap:

  • Elena is a vampire, and it is either feed or die...but she does not want to feed!
  • Klaus is unexpectedly healthy in Tyler's and wants to go back to his body. Then Pastor Young storms into the hospital to secure the blood supply and threaten Meredith.
    • He also arrests the mayor and boots Liz and attacks Caroline!
  • Elena is seeing things wphere eople are there and then they’re gone. She watches Damon tell dream Elena that he loves her. He wants Stefan to have her and that Stefan deserves her. Then Elena realizes that Damon made her memory disappear and she’s sad (aaaawww)!
  • Caroline and Rebekah are in a car, trapped by the Town Council. They get in an accident with a police car and Tyler saves Caroline and leaves Rebekah behind, and he calls the latter “little sister!”
    • After a makeout session in the woods, Caroline finally realizes that Tyler is not Tyler!
  • Pastor Young comes to Elena’s house and takes her, and he says no vampires can get in because they haven’t been invited (little does he know!). She wants to feed on the pastor so she runs away, but the Pastor says they will hold Stefan until Damon comes to find them and will use Rebekah to lure his siblings back in to town. Then they’re going to stake everyone!!
    • Elena gets nabbed when she runs outside and ends up in the vampire cage with Stefan.
  • Bonnie says she might be able to go to the “other side” and find Elena, who is in the netherworld of dead and alive. So she plans on being dead and alive, but, when Bonnie appears in the half-dead world, her grandmother appears and tells her that this kind of spell is not allowed and she gets sent back.
    • Sadly, the spirits then punish Bonnie’s grandmother for Bonnie’s trying to cross the line between dead and undead.
    • Kraus/Tyler then threatens to rip his own heart out forcing Bonnie to do the spell. At the same time Stefan gets shot for trying to save Elena in the vampire jail.
  • Stefan tells Elena he loves her, and she tells him she was on the bridge because she loves him back. At the same time Damon and Matt go to the pastor’s house and try to trade Matt for Damon and Elena. The plan doesn't work and they shoot Damon (but he’s not really hurt)!
  • Elena is almost dead because she needs to feed. Then Stefan kills a guard and Elena gets some of the blood in her mouth!
  • Damon starts to kill Matt and then Elena shows up, all vampirey and tells Damon to leave Matt alone, and then Matt feels guilty. As Damon and Elena walk away, she tells Damon that she remembers everything she was supposed to forget.
  • Stefan and Elena are up on a roof where he says that she’ll crave blood, but Elena says at least she’ll get to live. Luckily Bonnie made a daylight ring for her!
  • The pastor tells his crew that all the vampires have escaped, but he’s there to save them...Then he opens up the gas line from the stove and blows them all up!!!


Make sure to leave your own comments and reactions to the episode below!

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