Season One

October 31st, 2014
Die for a New Home

Season One

This is the First Season of Matt's Diaries.

Season Summary

Trying to forget all that happened last year, Matt copes with succeeding to move on. However, even being in the now magic-free Mystic Falls, supernatural troubles keep haunting him. Thinking that this year will be the start of his new life, Matt is followed by many incidents that will affect his life in a huge point. Surprising, exciting, dangerous, adventurous, thrilling, and merciless will this journey of his be. How will Matt accomplish to face all these? Will he give up? Will he continue moving on with his life letting nothing to stop him?

  • Following the tragic events of Season Five of The Vampire Diaries that shocked and afflicted the lives of all its heroes, Matt makes a heartbreaking decision by leaving all his friends and memories behind and live to magic-free, from now on, Mystic Falls.
  • Thinking that his life is free from supernatural troubles, he meets new people or people from his past who end up being different and supernatural. The season starts with Matt reuniting with April (Grace Phipps), who finds out that her life was based on a lie, related to Matt's one as well. Along with herself, April introduces her friend Hazel (Alice Englert) to Mystic Falls society, but seems to be unaware of what's wrong with it. Meanwhile, during Matt's struggles for a new life, new faces pop up, Daniel (Corey Sevier) who appears to be normal but still hides something, and Blake (Matt Lanter) with a dark past, coming to Mystic Falls to both rule it and wreak havoc to it, and of course Caroline (Special Guest Star Candice Accola) sticked to Mystic Falls' magic-free spell's solution keeps messing up with Matt's life and decisions.
  • Will Matt accomplish to skip and face all these new dangers and obstacles and finally find peace in his life? Will all these faces permanently be a curse to his life? Even with a human life, all the events in it are or caused by supernaturals.

Cast & Characters

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  • Chapter I: The Haunting Past Chapter (Ep 1x01-1x04)
    • TBA
      • The main antagonists of this chapter are Blake Oswell & Claire Austen.

  • The ____ Chapter:
    • TBA
      • The main antagonists of this chapter are ..

  • The ____ Chapter:
    • TBA
      • The main antagonists of this chapter are ..


MOVING ON IS NOT EASY AFTER ALL -- After having a really harsh summer, Matt has managed to thrive to the refreshed Mystic Falls community. While having a normal day, someone from his past comes back, April Young. Elsewhere, Jo who's made a deal with Tripp discuss about how they should face the complications upcoming on their way to preserve magic-free Mystic Falls. Later on, in a crazy party planned outside Mystic Falls, things are getting really complicated when new faces, enemies and friends, make their debuts. Kayla Ewell, Alice Englert, Matt Lanter, Corey Sevier, and Candice Accola also star.

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Dear Diary,


well, uhm, this is the first time writing to a diary... my name is Matt Donovan, and although it might sound weird after what I'm going to say, I am a human. I grew up in a normal life here in Mystic Falls, until everything went screwed up exactly after my girlfriend, Elena Gilbert, dumbed me.


Elena: "Matt, it's just not going well. I'm sorry, but I have to let you go."

Speaking of whom, she later met a weird guy who ended up being vampire.


Stefan: "I'm Stefan."

Elena giggling: "I'm Elena."

The same period, my sister, Vicki.. she was bitten by that guy's brother, Damon, who was also a vampire. After having made her a bloodbag, he turned her into a vampire without her permission, then killed by Stefan, my ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend. Her death though was a chance for my mother to finally decide to check out her children and return later to Mystic Falls, but as usual she screwed up, specifically by kissing my best friend, and I was forced to kick her out of my life for good.

Crying Kelly: "I'm sorry Matt... I can mend our family..."

Matt: "What family.. Huh? Please, just go. Get out of my life..!"

Later on, one of my female best friends, Bonnie, found out that she was witch, and by the help of an heirloom, she found a linkage to the ghost world my sister was in. It was then a chance for me to meet my sister again, even as a ghost, and by any means, I managed to become a medium and be able to see her all the time, but because of her deal with a wicked witch in that ghost world, I was forced to interrupt my ability to see her.


Matt: "I'm sorry, Vick. But, I'm not gonna let you hurt people."

Well, after all these, I met the first female vampire in the world, named Rebekah, with whom I traveled allover the world.


(Rebekah and Nadia kiss each other over Matt.)

Well, after Rebekah left Mystic Falls, my ex-ex-girlfriend, Elena, along with her new ex-boyfriend, Stefan, were found out to be doppelgängers of two ancient immortal people. Their blood was used by some weird witches, named Travelers, in order to make Mystic Falls... magic-free. Just because the arrival of those witches, the ghost world, in which my sister, Bonnie, who sacrificed her life to bring back from the dead Elena's lil brother, Jeremy, who had become a supernatural hunter, and Elena's current or now ex-boyfriend, who also sacrificed his life in a mission to bring people back from that ghost world, named The Other Side, including his brother, Stefan, went lost, as that parallel world to the living one started collapsing because of that resurrection spell, Travelers introduced.


(The winds are picking up, the earth rumbling.)

Matt: "I'm not leaving you, ok? We're getting out of here. Take my hand."

Vicki: "Matt, no!"

Matt: "Take my hand!"

(Matt grabs onto Vicki's arms as the winds become strong enough to lift her in the air.)

Matt: "I won't let you go!"

Vicki: "Matt, I love you... But I'm already dead."


(The White Light's getting brighter and brighter.)

Bonnie: "Do you think it'll hurt?"

Damon: "I don't kn-"

After all these in my life, as weird as it might seem, I'm still human. But I'll try.. I'll try.. to move on..



(Tripp & Matt looking to the Mystic Grill sign)

Tripp: "Mystic Grill, huh? Cool name."

Matt: "Yeh, I used to work here. It exploded after a gas leak of unknown cause. I'm glad it's now fully boarded up. Come on, let's get inside."

(Matt and Tripp find a free table and sit.)

Tripp: "So.. when are you gonna start working here, again?

Matt: "Uhm.. since I'm busy with our militia group, I'll just let this aside for a while. Many bad memories coming because of it."

(April steps into Mystic Grill, sees Matt and goes closer to him.)

April: "Matt?"

Matt: "April! Hey! Long time no see!"

April: "I know, right? So.. what's up?"

Matt: "Well, nothing special. However, many things have changed here since you left.. Uhm, this is Tripp. Tripp Fell."

(Tripp and April shake hands.)

April: "I'm April Young."

Tripp: "Nice to meet you, April."

Matt: "April is the daughter of Pastor Young. You must have met him, ah?"

Tripp: "Perhaps. The name's really familiar. Guess we might have barely met. Well, I have to go for some business, I'll let you two alone. See ya."

(Tripp gets up and walks away.)

Matt: "Bye, dude."

April: "Bye."

(April and Matt sit down.)

Matt: "So, what brings you here?"

April: "Well, I learnt that vampires now seize to come here. Is it true?"

Matt: "Yep, long story. The good part is that not only vampires are unable to enter Mystic Falls, but any supernatural being cannot enter or their powers are disactivated."

April: "I see. Well, I thought, maybe it was a good time to come back and start fresh in the place my parents come from."

Matt: "Are you alone, here?"

April: "Well, I came with a friend of mine, who I met in Roanoke High School. We just came for a visit. I don't know how long I might stay."

Matt: "Cool."

(April's cellphone rings and picks it up.)

Hazel: (seen at the park) "April, I need your help. I can't find a room in the hotel. Everything is occupied. What should I do?"

April: "Uhm, where are you? I'll come find you."

Hazel: "Sitting on a bench at the central park."

April: "Ok, see you there."

(April puts her cellphone in her bag and gets up. Matt also gets up)

Matt: "What's wrong?"

April (giggling): "Nothing, just my friend can't find a room in the hotel for us to stay.."

Matt: "No need to find a room. You could come to Tyler's house, where I currently live and stay for a while."

April: "Nah.. we'll just be a burden. I insist. After all, we're girls and we kinda need some privacy.. Hehe.."

Matt: "Ok, then."

April: "Uhm, I really wanna learn what happened here while I was gone. There's a party taking place, outside Mystic Falls, near the lake in the forest.. Wanna come?"

Matt: "Sure.. I'll see you there!"

April: (smiles) "Nice! See ya later then! Nice to see you again!"

(Matt & April hug, April goes away.)


(While April walks away, meets Jo.)

April: "Aunt Jo?!"

Jo: "April, hey!

(April & Jo hug)

April: "What are you doing here?"

Jo: "Well, I came to get some files I needed for Whitmore's Hospital. What are you doing here?"

April: "I came for a visit with my friend, Hazel. We also needed to check some stuff for an essay. Nothing special."

Jo: "Cool. I guess.. we'll meet again around.. Ah?"

April: "Yeh, I'll be here for some days"

Jo: "Ok, bye!"

April: "Bye!"


Claire: "Excuse me, sheriff.."

Sheriff Liz Forbes: "Hello. What do you need?"

Claire: "I'm new here... Could you please tell me where's the public library?"

Sheriff: "Well, it's kinda far from here. I'm free right now. I can drive you there." (Sheriff smiles)

Claire: "Ah.. I'd love that! Thanks so much!"

(Sheriff and Claire get into the car and drive away.)

Sheriff: "What brings you here?"

Claire: "Well, I've heard of myths involving this town.. And since, I like to travel, I came here to find out more stuff! I'm also looking for someone.."

Sheriff: "I see. Who are you looking for? Maybe I could help."

Claire: "Uhm.. his name is Matt... Donoran?"

Sheriff: "Donovan.. yeh. Why are you looking for him? Sorry, just asking."

Claire: "Well, I think our pasts are connected."

Sheriff: "Mysterious.. hehe. You can find him in Mystic Grill, where he's currently hanging out and going to work. He lives in the Lockwood Mansion. It's some meters away from the Library."

Claire: "How hospitable Mystic Fall's people are!"

Sheriff: "Hehe.. you haven't seen anything yet. Well... here we are!"

Claire: "Thanks a lot, Sheriff! I owe you!

Sheriff: "No problem! Any time!"

(Claire gets out of the car and heads to the library, while Sheriff drives away.)


(Matt's opening the door.)

Matt: "Jer, are you here?"

Jeremy: "Yep..!"

(Matt's walking to the room where he hears Jeremy's voice coming from, and sees Jeremy kissing with Sarah half-naked.)

Matt: "Wow, don't you have somewhere else to go?"

Sarah: "Why are you so.. hostile against me?"

(Sarah gets up and while wearing some clothes, heads to the exit..)

Sarah: "I'll just leave you alone.. at last!"

(Jeremy looks at Matt.)

Jeremy: "Dude, what the heck? Can't I have some fun?"

Matt: "Jeremy.. That girl is a bad influence.. she just makes you sitting all day inside here. Get out, go work, go train, do something. You're a hunter!"

(Jeremy wears a T-Shirt and gets up.)

Jeremy: "Look.. This is my life whether you like it or not. I manage my life.."

Matt: "Jer.."

Jeremy: "Sarah, wait!"

(Jeremy runs through the exit door and closes it.)

Matt: (walks to the stairs) "Ah.."

(House's bell rings.)

Matt: "Did you make up your mind?!"

(Matt opens the door and sees Tyler.)

Matt: "Ty?!"

Tyler: "Hey, buddy! What's up?!"

Matt: "How come you're here?"

Tyler: "I just came to grab some stuff. What's wrong around here? I saw Jeremy leaving with a hot chick."

Matt: "Hah.. I guess he's grieving over Bonnie's loss in his way..."

Tyler: "Well.. Bonnie's loss really influenced us all.."

Matt: "I know.. Uhm.. how's College?"

Tyler: "It's cool. Yeh.. having much fun, flirting and stuff.. Hehe.. Well, I have to deal with the werewolf gene at the same time.. which gets on my nerves. I can't get through this once more. Some months ago, I could do anything I wanted. I had anything I wanted. Now, I'm just a random guy with a curse on him.."

Matt: "Just be careful, dude.. I know it's hard. Just find ways to face your anger issues."

Tyler: "That's what I'm trying to do. Well, I'm gonna go upstairs, and then I'm gonna leave, I have not much time."

Matt: "Dude, you just came back to Mystic Falls just to get some belongings of yours.. Come on.."

Tyler: "I know. It sucks, I wished I could stay more."

Matt: "Can't you just stay for tonight's party?"

Tyler: "I'll see what I can do."

(Matt & Tyler smile to each other and Tyler goes upstairs.)


(Jo enters the office of Tripp and walks towards his desk, and sits down.)

Tripp: "You're niece arrived.."

Jo: "I know. I don't want her involved into this war. But, ironically, only here she is safe.."

Tripp: "Do you think she might be a problem to us?"

Jo: "Hah.. No. April is pure and not getting involved in such stuff. She learnt about the supernatural world in a harsh way. Just, promise me, that she'll be safe here, and you'll protect her."

Tripp: "Don't worry. There's no reason for me to hurt other humans."

Jo: "Well, the problem is that April is not a human. She has not yet acknowledged her supernatural nature. And I don't want her to."

Tripp: "Supernatural? How?"

Jo: "Every family has its secrets." (smiles)

Tripp: "What are you?"

Jo: "Look.. Tripp. You originate from a bloodline of people that hated vampires. Please, we have to cooperate in order to protect our home, no matter what family secrets I keep that might affect my niece. Let's just make sure to eliminate all the threats that might prevent us from keeping Mystic Falls a place unable for supernaturals to activate their powers or vampires to enter. Whoever is here.. is just a human. And only a human community like the current Mystic Falls one can maintain a happy and safe place."

Tripp: "Deal is deal..."

Jo: "I'm glad you remain loyal to our aims."


Liz: "Caroline.. you need to move on and leave Mystic Falls behind. There's a different lifestyle waiting for you far from here."

Caroline: "Mom.. this is Mystic Falls! It's my home! I can't just leave it behind. I grew up here! You are here.. Memories are here.."

Liz: "I know.. But sometimes, we have to let some parts of our life go.."

Caroline: "I'm trying to.."

Liz: "Not by lurking around the borders all day.. At least, find a different way to stay near to Mystic Falls at start. It's not easy to just leave. I heard there's a big party happening in the lake in the middle of the forest. It will be fun, you should go.."

Caroline: "Okay.. I will. Anyway, I'm leaving now."

Liz: "I love you."

(Liz & Caroline get up and while Liz is heading to her car on Mystic Falls side, Caroline gets to give her the basket she forgot.)

Caroline: (hand passes through and gets burnt) "Mom.. argh..!"

(Liz sighs)


April: "Hazel... What's wrong?"

Hazel: "Just.. can't find anywhere to stay.. You grew up here, and you're supposed to know somewhere properly for us to stay."

April: "Well, I had an offer by my friend, Matt. But you just said the key word; "properly".. "

Hazel: "Offer? Properly?"

April: "Matt offered to me and you to stay to his house for a while... But I thought it wouldn't be proper.. Two girls and one guy.. in one house.."

Hazel: "What...? God.. Let's just keep going.."

April: "No, wait..! I think my aunt, Jo, has an apartment here! She should let us stay there for a short amount of time, don't ya think?"

Hazel: "Duh.."

April: "Let me call her.."

(April picks her phone up and calls Jo)

Jo: "Hey, you called Jo. Leave a message."

April: "Aunt Jo, please call me when you get the message.."

(April leaves her cellphone in her bag)

April: "Hmm.. weird. My aunt rarely leaves her calls unanswered.."

Hazel: "Maybe that was one of those few times she does not answer.. Well, we're just unlucky as heck!" (sighs)

April: "Well, there's somewhere we could go for tonight. The party I was telling you..?"

Hazel: "Sure!"


(music plays background and everyone's dancing and drinking)

Matt: "April, hey!"

April: "Hey..!" (smiles)

Hazel: (whispers to April) "Someone just blushed..."

April: "Uhm.. this is my friend I was telling you.. Hazel Quinn."

Matt: "Hey there, nice to meet you."

Hazel: "Hi. Me too."

(Tyler approaches)

Matt: "Here comes Tyler.."

(Both girls turn around and Hazel looks stunned)

Hazel: (whispers to April) "You had really nice friends here.."

April: "Hah.. they're good."

Tyler: "Hey.."

Matt: "I'm glad you made it."

Tyler: "I am too. I will just have to leave early tomorrow morning."

Hazel: (whispers) "Or leave tomorrow.. never.. Uhm.. I'm Hazel."

Tyler: "Nice to meet you."

(Tyler & Hazel shake hands)

Tyler: "April, what's up..?"

(Tyler & April hug)

April: "Cool, what about you?"

Tyler: "Nothing special. When did you return?"

April: "Uhm.. today.. yeh.."

(April sees Caroline)

April: "Is that Caroline?"

(Matt & Tyler turn around)

Matt & Tyler: "Yep!"

(Caroline is seen talking to a guy)

Guy: "Hey beauty."

Caroline: "Hi." (smiles)

Guy: "I'm Blake."

Caroline: "Nice name.. heh.. Caroline."

Blake: "Pretty impressed.."

(Blake kisses Caroline's hand and she giggles)

Caroline: "What a gentleman in a nice forest pool party.."

Blake: "Hah.. Maybe I'm not that modern-like guy.."

Caroline: "I see.. Never seen you around.."

Blake: "Well.. I had heard many things about this place.. and I decided to come and visit.."

Caroline: "I guess you're brave.."

Blake: "Why are you saying that?"

Caroline: "Well, many myths and legends were born here.. Vampires, werewolves, witches, hybrids, doppelgängers.."

Blake: "Doppelgängers?"

Caroline: "Yeh.. long story.."

Blake: "Haha.. Yeh.. I kind of heard that stuff as well.. I don't kinda believe to them.. Do you?"

Caroline: "Why not? Our world is full of surprises."

Blake: "True. You can see people do or be things you couldn't even imagine.."

Caroline: "I can, now."

Blake: "I see, harsh girl.. Let's take a walk through the forest."

Caroline: "Uhm.."

(Matt, Tyler, April, and Hazel interrupt)

Caroline: "Hey guys! April?!"

April: "Hi Caroline! What's up?"

Caroline: "I'm glad to see you all here.."

(Blake is seen going away to the forest slowly..)

Tyler: "Who was this guy?"

Caroline: "Uhm.. I don't know.. Come on, let's have fun a bit."

Tyler: "Ugh.. I'm gonna go closer to the forest.."

Hazel: "Why?"

Tyler: "Uhm.. Cause.. the drinks are there..! I'll be right back."

Hazel: "Sure."

(Matt, April, Hazel, and Caroline go to the heart of the party and start dancing/Tyler heads to the part of the area that is part of Mystic Falls and is seen by Daniel)

Daniel: "You don't seem well.."

Tyler: "Nah, I'm fine now."

Daniel: "I see.. having stepped on Mystic Falls relieves a werewolf a lot.."

Tyler: "Huh? Who are you?!"

Daniel: "Calm, mate. I could easily realise you're a werewolf. Your gene is untriggered, right?"

Tyler: "Yes.. Are you also a werewolf..?"

Daniel: "I am.. with a triggered gene. Stepping on Mystic Falls gives me the ability of enjoying full-moon without hurting.." (smiles)

Tyler: "Well, I am part of a great bloodline of werewolves that inhabited Mystic Falls.. All killed by vampires now. Only I remained.."

Daniel: "I guess.. you're lucky."

Tyler: "Nah.. just some months ago, I was a hybrid."

Daniel: "What? A werewolf/vampire hybrid? How?"

Tyler: "Long story to be honest. Well, one of my best friends existence brought mighty Klaus Mikaelson in Mystic Falls to break his curse by killing her, as her blood had magical properties. Don't ask.. So yeh, after breaking his curse, he wanted to test turning me into hybrid. And he succeeded, after I drinked my friend's blood. However, then some psycho-weird witches came to town, named Travelers, and they made Mystic Falls magic-free. That time I was possessed by the spirit of one of them, and somehow I ended up stepping to Mystic Falls and dying, but through this spell, my supernatural status was reversed to its original one, a guy with untriggered werewolf gene. But then, I was brought back to life by the sacrifice of some of my friends."

Daniel: "Wow..! That's a life!"

Tyler: "You think so? Well, I guess this magic-free Mystic Falls thingy is good after all. However, one of my friends, that girl over there, wants to reverse that spell... She has her reasons.. and I have mine to want Mystic Falls magic-free. Right now.. NO anger.."

Daniel: "Hm.. I can feel you."

(They smile at each other and Tyler goes away & Caroline approaches)

Caroline: "Hey, cutie wolf."

Daniel: "You know what I am, you're not getting closer to me.. Vampire.."

Caroline: "Smart wolf as well. Well, I find werewolves really attractive."

Daniel: "That's why you want a non-magic-free Mystic Falls? To see werewolves in their wolf forms again? They're not that friendly, you know."

Caroline: "I want my home back. I grew up here. My friends grew up here. My family is here. Isn't it rational for me to make myself able to enter this place again?"

Daniel: "You know. Everyone else wants a place, where when they enter, they experience something they haven't experienced before; a normal life. I triggered my gene at the age of 16 and now I'm 25. Nine years of full-moons that felt to me like hell. And here I am. One full-moon, in which I do not have to turn into a wolf. I met others who have come here to experience the feeling of being human, normal. This place is heavenly! Free of vampires. Everyone is equal. A paradise! And the only one of "everyone", you, come and pathetically desires to get her hometown back.. Put your ego-centrism aside and let others, anyone else here enjoy a life full of happiness, and not insecurity and fear.."

(Caroline looks down.)

Caroline: "No one can really understand me.."

Daniel: "Understand what?! Your no-reasonable patheticness?"

(Matt interrupts)

Matt: "Sorry.. for interrupting your quarrel.. But.. Caroline? April wants to tell you something."

(Caroline goes away)

Matt: "What the heck did just happen?"

Daniel: "Nothing.. just your friend, is.. stubborn."

Matt: "That's one of Caroline's basic characteristics.. you know. That's why you fall so easily for her.." (giggles)

Daniel: "Excuse me?"

Matt: "Nothing.. just wanted to test something."

Daniel: "Okay..?"

Matt: "Anyway, Daniel, right?"

Daniel: "Yes."

Matt: "Nice to meet you again.. I think I'm going for a walk through the forest."

Daniel: "Cool. See ya."

(Caroline meets April & Hazel)

Caroline: "Hey."

Hazel: "I'm gonna leave you alone.."

April: "Bye. Uhm.. Caroline..? I was wondering if you were willing to help me to adjust to Mystic Falls community again..?"

Caroline: "Uhm.. You know, strange things have happened to Mystic Falls, and I was forced, also because of my age and college, to leave. So, it might be kinda hard to help you for something I am not used or intergrated to anymore."

April: "Well, in other words. I just needed help for the Miss Mystic Falls contest presentation issues, as I was the last year's one."

Caroline: "Wow, I'm glad you will present it this year. Well, I think I can help you." (smiles)

April: "Nice! Looking forward. Uhm.. we could meet tomorrow.."

Caroline: (interrupts) "Outside Mystic Falls! For a pic-nic or something?"

April: "Sure.."


(Matt's walking and notices a shadow moving)

Matt: "Huh? Hello?"

(Matt looks around and sees a young woman next to a tree looking at him)

Claire: "So, you're the mighty Matt Donovan?"

Matt: "Uhm.. I guess not mighty, but yep. Who are you?"

Claire: "So.. you.. you are the one who killed the great Original Finn Mikaelson?!"

Matt: "Excuse me?"

Claire: "How could someone like you kill such a supernatural being?! So, you're the reason why my life got destroyed?!"

Matt: "Are you drunk?"

Claire: "Drunk, huh? More like devastated.. Because you, you! You're the one who killed the person I loved so much that I could give my life for him, whom I loved with all my heart! You killed him.."

Matt: "How?"

Claire: "My love, Kenny.. He was a vampire turned by that Finn's lover.. And then you somehow killed that powerful vampire, and because of his death, my whole life collapsed."

(Claire grabs a crossbow that was hidden behind the tree)

Claire: "I trained all this time to come and face you! But whatever you are.. You're now on Mystic Falls.. Your life is endgame.. Goodbye!"

(Hazel is seen from far that has watched and heared whole talk)

Hazel: "No!"

(Hazel uses magic to throw the bow away and throws Claire back unconscious and she stabs/shots Matt with the arrow by mistake)

Hazel: "Oh, my god.."

(The hands of Blake are seen hovering right and left Hazel's head, as he casts a spell making her pass out. Blake drags Hazel away and kidnaps her)

(Matt is seen laid down hurting.. closing his eyes at some point..)

Girl: "Mattie?"

(Matt looks at the person)

Matt: "Vicki?"

(Screen shows Vicki smiling and trying to help Matt)

Vicki: "Matt.."


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FAMILY PAST COMES BACK TO REUNITE -- When Matt (Zach Roerig) wakes up at his room, having been taken care of by Tyler (guest star Michael Trevino), he is payed a visit that upsets him and his memories. Elsewhere, Hazel (Alice Englert) finds herself at risk when realizes the dangerous and mysterious nature of the town's newcomer Blake (Matt Lanter), who keeps her as captive. In Tripp's (guest star Colin Ferguson) office, Jo (guest star Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) appears demanding changes, and after a meeting with Claire (guest star Emilie de Ravin), Sheriff Forbes (guest star Marguerite MacIntyre) gets in trouble. Also, when April (Grace Phipps) meets Caroline (Candice Accola) outside Mystic Falls to make new plans for her reintegration into Mystic Falls community, she falls into the trap and is forced to become Caroline's new ally. Finally, Kelly (guest star Melinda Clarke) returns to make a fresh start and an ancient ritual performed by Blake has unpredictable consequences. Kayla Ewell and Corey Sevier also star.

Main Cast

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Recurring Cast










Notes & Trivia

  • Pilot marked the first appearances of Hazel Quinn, Blake Oswell, Daniel Randall, and Claire Austen.

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