Okay so if you have not seen the season 4 final beware spoilers.

So Kathrane tried to kill Elena only for Eleana to shove the cure down her throat, Bonnie brought JEremy back but went on to the other side, Klaus told Caroline Tyler could return to Mystic Falls, Matt and Rebbca are now a thing and Silas is free and revealed to be look like Stefan because when Silas was made immortal nature made an opposite of him, a being that looked like him but could die. He then shoves Stefan in a safe and tosses him in the lake.

So things that will happen next season.

Silas disgusing himself as Stefan and since he is a mind reader I am sure he will be good at it.

The others trying to find Stefan when they do realize the ruse.

Tyler returning to Mystic Falls.

Silas learning about the Cure and being super pissed about it.

More info on doppelgangers.

Matt and Rebeca's blosseming relationship.

Kathrane adjusting to being a human.

Everyone trying to stop Silas....again.

So wat do you guys think will happen? I am wondering if Bonnie will meet Quetsya on the other side and learn how to make a new cure.

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