Okay, so we know the name of the spin-off is The Originals. And we know that when we hear that term, it is in reference to The Original Vampires. But what if I told you that I thought the title of the show had a double meaning? Keep an open mind, because I'm about to rattle off some stuff that not everyone is going to agree with. Okay, so we have our Original Family, the Mikaelsons: now only made up of Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah. Anyone who has spoken with me on this site knows that I believe Hayley might be descended from the Original Pack. Okay, stay with me here. Now, we haven't yet met Davina, who is a witch that is in Marcel's "family" and is reportedly very sheltered by him. I absolutely believe that Davina is Marcel's wild card...she is the secret weapon that allows for him to know what the other witches are doing when his attention is directed elsewhere. Now what if I told you that I thought Davina was descended of the Original Coven? Her power is obviously something Marcel wants to keep hidden from others and she can sense what other witches are doing without possibly even knowing them. That is not one, not two, but THREE Original types. Vampire, werewolf and witch. THE ORIGINALS. This show is rooted in New Orleans, where the wolves no longer reside, because Marcel chased them out. Hayley's biological family hailed from Louisiana, according to Klaus. Witches are rampant in New Orleans, but not allowed to practice magic. The Original Vampire family is coming back, so it would be sort of amazing if we were also to meet the Original Pack, or at least find out that's where Hayley comes from...and to let in the thought of the Original Coven's most powerful descendent is being kept hidden by Marcel. Also, I am leaning towards the idea that Marcel possibly killed Davina's family and lied to her about it so that she would remian loyal to him for "saving" her. We will see. I saw someone else talking about a possible Original Coven reference in terms of Davina and possibly, Bonnie Bennett (since she seems to descend from every major powerful black witch on TVD). That leaves it open for Bonnie to cross over at some point, as many witches as there are on TO. Anyhow, this is what I think is now entirely possible for the new show. It'd be cool, for sure! What do YOU think? :)

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