Summary: Episode 1 Season 1

Written by: Michale Narducci and Julie Plec

Directed by: Chris Grisme

Title: Always and Forever  

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The Originals - Series Preview03:23

The Originals - Series Preview

The city Klaus once ruled has fallen under new leadership, and now he wants it back. Watch a preview from The Originals, coming this fall!

Always and Forever

The Original Vampires Called Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah arrive in a ship to New Orleans, a French Colony Of Louisiana through the Mississippi River, 300 years ago.  Klaus with his family help build New Orleans and called it home for years. Scared of there father Mikael who has been tracking them down to kill them for centuries, they leave in a hurry. When Klaus comes back, he finds out the place he called home has been taken over by a man named Marcel. Marcel was once a slave who Klaus saved from slavery. When they flee New Orleans, because of Mikael, they think that Marcel is dead and leave him behind. Klaus returns to claim what once was his, but finds that Marcel is not dead and is now the one who rules New Orleans and has taken over.

The show starts with memories of the Originals, and how they ended up in New Orleans. Elijah speaks to Cami (Camille), a bartender, trying to track down his brother Klaus. To track Klaus down, Cami tells Elijah to look for a woman called Jane Anne Deveraux, who Klaus believes is conspiring against him.

Elijah finds out that Jane was killed by Marcel, the New Orleans new ruler who hates witches. One of Marcel's rules for the witches are that they are not allowed to do magic and if they are caught, they are killed. The reason why Marcel has all this power against the witches is because of a powerful witch named Davina and Marcel's vampire friends who rule the street called street walkers. Davina can detect when a witch is using Magic, when magic is used by other witches,  she tells Marcel, and of course Marcel tracks the witch down and kills them.

Elijah tells his sister that Marcel has changed that he rules other vampires and attacks and kills people, humans in public. He tells his sister that witches are held in subjugation. Sophie Deveraux is related to Jane who was killed my Marcel. She is a witch who didn't care about being a witch. When she found out about the Harvest a ritual that uses a human witches to be sacrificed, she panics when she finds that her niece will be one of the girl sacrificed in this so called ritual. This ritual is meant to draw magic from their ancestors.

Sophie takes Elijah to a grave yard and has to be invited in because the witches have clamed the grave yard for themselves, all vampire must be invited in, in order to enter. Hayley Marshall, is a werewolf who is pregnant by Klaus's child.

My Opinion:  She has a one nighter with Klaus and (wham bam thank you mam) .. she becomes pregnant. Get me. Klaus is a hybrid so in that case, he has sperm to impregnate this  wolf girl, and possibly a human if he so wishes, but lets continue. Sorry, no offence to all Klaus fans, his sperm is not FROZEN anymore. Good news for all lovers of KLAUS who want a super child. Bad news for all those who know vampires are not real. No more bursting people's bubbles. =)

THE NEW HAYELENA : When Elijah and Hayley meet for the first time, Elijah looks like he wants her BIG TIME =). 

My Opinion: The LOVE triangle continues with Elijah, Hayley and Klaus. The fever of the  Vampire Diaries has rubbed off on the Original Vampires. She is a (Hayelena) now everyone =).

CONTINUE: Hayley is taken hostage by the witches to lure Klaus back to New Orleans. These witches do some witch test on Hayley to find out if the child she is carrying is KLAUS'S. It appears that Elijah can HACK in or get in humans and werewolves minds to show pieces of memories of his families past. In fact all VAMPIRES can get into the mind of a humans or other vampires.

We find out that the Originals youngest brother dies when he is attacked by werewolves. 

The family suffers and the Originals Mother who was once a witch creates a spell making all the family VAMPIRES. 

HISTORY of Klaus

Klaus felt the hunger more than any of his family who were also vampires. When he killed for the first time the family new who he was? He was half vampire half wolf. It looked like Klaus was changing into a wolf in front of his brother and fathers eyes. His eyes turned yellow and his father knew that he was half. His father new that Klaus was not really his son that his wife cheated on him. Klaus did not know what was happening to him but his now STEP FATHER seem to get the picture. Mikael called Klaus a "BEAST an abomination", maybe that is why Klaus hates the world and everything living, but that's just me. This was a curse his werewolf side wasn't ACTIVATED until he TOOK A HUMAN LIFE. Mikeal, angry at his wife, forced her to cast a spell that will keep KLAUS wolf hidden. And for many years he was not able to access his wolf side. So Klaus lived as a vampire until the day he could become a hybrid.

My Opinion: I think that deep down inside Mikael knew that KLAUS was not his son, That is why KLAUS got all the harsh treatment. (THAT POOR THING).

Elijah was forced to hold his brother down so the spell could be cast, this hurt Elijah and Klaus  relationship. Still till this day, Elijah remembers that he tied Klaus up.

My Opinion: No one stood up to Mikael at all. Even Elijah was afraid of him. The father ruled the coven, something that Klaus wanted to do. KLAUS puts fear into others to get people to do what he wants. Even if Klaus hated Mikael he BECAME HIS WORST NIGHTMARE. Klaus rule by force and threats not by loyalty and compassion.

Elijah says that every time the Originals found a moment of happiness they were forced to flee because Mikael was after them. Just like Klaus every time his brother or sister are happy, Klaus stuck them with a BIG SHARP DAGGER and put them in a box to rot. Now this is the curse of the family (unhappiness forever).

Klaus kills his father, Elijah  thinking that that will make KLAUS happy but we yet haven't seen what makes KLAUS HAPPY. Nothing will make him happy. Or maybe we do know, WORLD DOMINATION.

WILL ELIJAH ONE DAY GET RID OF KLAUS? WILL KLAUS END UP KILLING ELIJAH? That is something we have to continue to watch and to see where all this is going.

Elijah again tries to find a way to make KLAUS HAPPY. If Klaus is not happy, no one is happy. Elijah comes to the rescue. What about what makes ELIJAH HAPPY?  Elijah thinks that the BABY will make KLAUS HAPPY, BUT WILL IT? I doubt it.

Plot of Sophie

So Sophie is back, and her plan is to kick MARCEL out by using KLAUS as a weapon to kill MARCEL. Nice work Sophie, you just got the worse person to come to NEW ORLEANS, KLAUS. Why would KLAUS want to help you? HE was a pain in Mystic Falls rear END and now he is a pain in ur rear end. Sad but true. Using threats won't work. So Sophie threatens Elijah to help her or she will tell MARCEL that a hybrid baby will be born, and that KLAUS is the father. BLACK-MAIL, ELIJAH CALLS IT.

Klaus is told the truth about Hayley and the baby but, like KLAUS, he took it wrong. He says that the baby is not his and that it must be someone else’s child. He has a big GIGANTIC SIZE fit and storms out. 

My Opinion: So that is what Hayley gets for having a one nighter with SIR HYBRID. =)

Jane gave her life to confirm Hayley's pregnancy that is how Marcel found out about the spell. The life of Hayley and the baby are now controlled by the witches, if Sophie dies Hayley dies. This is black-mail everyone. Sophie and the witches make a plan to kill Marcel but is has to be done the way of the witches. Of course Klaus pops  and doesn't like to be told what to do and says: -> (kill her and the baby, what do I care).

Elijah speaks to his brother to convince him saying that the baby is a GIFT. The Originals weakness is the wanting NEED of a family.  QUOTESKLAUS quotes:"PEOPLE quake with fear because I have the power to make them afraid".ELIJAH quotes:"is it so important to you that everyone fears at the sound of your NAME.""Family is power. Love loyalty, that's power."ALWAYS AND FOREVER 

Characters in this Episode:

  • Klaus
  • Elijah
  • Hayley
  • Sophie
  • Marcel
  • Jane 
  • Davina
  • Mikael


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