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    January 23, 2012 by DarkVisions

    So. Here's the deal...I think someone on here had already tried to create some type of Dark Visions fiction wiki, but I've decided to create my own. I would like to have as many as possible contribute, no there won't be any writting the episodes because we all have better things to do, but we will come up with a good summary for each episode. For the characters we might have to change some things about them to fit the real world actors and actresses today, also I would like it if everyone that has read at least one out of the three books to help me, if you haven't read the books, then basically just use your imagination. So what I need from everyone is to make a reply saying what celebrity should play who in the series.

    • Kaitlyn -
    • Rob -
    • Gabrieā€¦
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