Confirmed Not To: Elena, Stefan, Damon, Caroline, Bonnie, Klaus, Rebekah.

Chopping Block Main: Matt & Katherine

Chopping Block Recurring: Meredith & Abby

Ok well i don't beleive it's......

Matt: Last human left in the dynamic. (Meredith isn't really part of the storyline)

Abby: Yes she's back for the final but most lkely to see Bonnie graduate and most likely will see and Shelia for the first time herself.

Might be:

Katherine: Her confrontation with Elena could end with her denmise :(

Meredith: Wouldn't be a dramatic death more just for shock value because she's hardly in the show die to the other shows she's in.

If it is Katherine lets hope she dies just before "The Other Side' is broken and return straight away.

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