i can't wait for this episode to air for so many reasons.......1.Caroline's birthday, get excited :) 2. Matt and Caroline were absent last week and i missed them 3. I wont to see more of Mereideth and get to know more about her as they explore this character. 3. Stefan and Elena what happens in the car. 4. More bad arse Stefan. 5. A werewolf finally appears (i'm hoping the hybrids didn't just catch him to be taken to Klaus and turned into a hybrid which i have a feeling will happen) .6. Jeremy's goodbye, i don't wont it to happen but at least he's not going to die and he will return before the season final :) . 7. More Tyler and Caroline action YIPPY :p.......................................................but a little peed that Mindy dies o and tony died last week i mean Klaus's right hand hybrids should be the last of the army to die, come on....any whooo this episode will be so Sweet.

P.S. As always

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