I just seen the S3 Promo posters with the Fruits. I remebered that each Fruit Symbolised something realting to the character, and looking at them now they sort of tell us what was going to happen in the S3 finale.

Damon had the Apple. The Forbidden Fruit of Temptation. Yeah that was'nt hard we all seen that he was going to go after Elena this season.

Stefans Orange. Freewill. We knew that he'd be battleing Klaus's power of him.

Klaus had the Pear. Immortality. We'll i kinda think that tells us we still couldnt stake him, with Bonnie body switching for Fun.

Elena with the Pomegranat. Eternal Life. Last year I like everyone else thought it meant she was the Doppleganger and every 500 years pop!, a new one appears. But know that shes a Vampire. I Kinda feel like i was an idiot not picking up on it. Maybe it was because they already tried turning her in S2 or what.

But this year, i will defiantly be reading into the S4 Promotional Posters.

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