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Well, first..I would like to announce that I have created the wiki for my fanfiction. it currently needs alot of work doing to it. So there's no point looking at it yet, but anyway, here it is .


Co-Writer's for my Fanfiction

If anyone is interested in helping me co-write my fanfiction, message me on my message wall and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Here is the link to my message wall:

Accepted Characters

Here is a list of the accepted characters. I Also would like to note that auditions will be open forever, so character auditions could happen all the time because I want new characters on the show.

  1. Shay Mitchell as Sophia Mikaelson
  2. Matt Dalas as Thomas Latch
  3. Jane Levy as Hannah Maxwell
  4. Hailee Steinfeld as June Flemming
  5. Tyler Posey as Aaron Johnson
  6. Lyndsy Fonseca as Emma Salvatore
  7. Mila Kunis as Jennifer Banes
  8. Michelle Christine Tratchenberg as Maya
  9. Anna Sophia Robb as Miranda Talbot
  10. Wes Bentley as Kreshnik
  11. Evanna Lynch as Jessica Pretley
  12. Gary Oldman as Brandon
  13. Freya Mavor as Rina Novak
  14. Cody Christan as Sean Mcconnell
  15. Wes Ramsey as Dakota Blake
  16. Ben Kingsley as Valan

New Species Introductions

  • Shade - Created by AaronHW - Basically, when a Witch's spirit directly absorbs Dark Magic (similar to how Grams did to Bonnie at the beginning of season four) they are rendered a Shade: a creature of Darkness without a physical form of their own who must take the bodies of living Witches as Vessels. They retain the powers of their Witch days, but are driven by a hunger for destruction and chaos, feeding off of it as well as the emotions of humans and seek to usurp the powers of other Witches and corrupt them to Darkness. 
  • Cambion - Created by IIIriarocks -  Cambion (product of a union between a human male and a succubus). They can control and manipulate both shadows and fire, and has impressive telekinetic and telepathic abilities.
  • Unknown Species - Created by Wikia Contributor - They can talk to dead people since they were little and has premonitions. They also can't be compelled.
  • Hybrid (Half-Witch,Half-Vampire) - Created by MirtoDosi - She has the usual powers of a Witch and Vampire, and altogether one of the most powersulest creatures to walk earth.
  • Psychic - Created by Mgc26133 - Will be revealled in the first couple of episodes in Season 5
  • Skin-Walker - Created by Wikia Contributor - (Example of character Hannah) Hannah is a skin-walker; she is able to see the death (ghosts) aswell as control the Undead (vampires) and see into the future trough dreams (sometimes she can also see aura's but she can't see any of vampires because they do not longer have aura's). Her twinbrother, Chase, is a skin-walker just like her but he does not have the powers she has, instead he can shapeshift into a panther. His transformation is not tied to the moon.
  • Others revealled soon...

Other Fanfictions you should watch out for!

NOTE: If you would like you fanfiction advertised, comment below and I will advertise it.

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