I found myself more into The Originals than The Vampire Diaries. I used to be obsessed with TVD until the idea of Silas came in and dopplegangers, then Travellers. I once liked the idea of dopplegangers in season 2 because it was interesting for Elena to face the consequences of a very old ritual. But now that they made it into a "destiny" idea, it got quite lame. I didn't watch TVD before for the romance but the story. And the idea of hybrids were just thrown away. Witchcraft to the show now is just a bunch of muttering and candles thrown everywhere. Around season 1 and 2, i liked how spooky and how real their witchcraft was, it was light yet epic. Like how torches and crystals were used. Now it's just, meh, throw in some blood and candles and we're done.

But what I like about The Originals, is that every species has a time to shine. And they are not your kind of hero battle between good and evil. Everyone is the bad guy and everyone is messed up. 

  1. You have the Originals, the Mikaelson family. All very dysfunctional and terrible in their own way.
  2. The werewolves, the conflict between Gurreras? and Cresents? It's a cool storyline. Wolves used to be shadowed but now they look like stars, especially with their black stones now. I like the idea how Francesca plans to take the town back.
  3. Witches are messed up too and they are very interesting. I think, how crazy and spooky it is brings the atmosphere of New Orleans. They made it in such a way that to the coven, they are doing good, but to the public, it's barbaric. 
  4. The vampires are more of the side characters in this show but i guess its ok as they have always been the centre of attention. They still look like bad guys because of how they go against the main characters.
  5. Humans were also kind of the antagonists. Like how corrupted they were and how Francesca acted (before we knew she was a wolf). Then Kieran who went insane, and now Cami. She may be a protagonist and the victim of the conflict, but with the secret family weapon she now hold, she can be dangerous too.

The whole show isn't about romance but there are love along the way. It's about family and power. Everyone wants to rule the town. The Originals led my Elijah. The wolves led by Hayley/Francesca. The witches led by Genevieve. The vampires led by Marcel. 

It also shows characters of people we would likely have met

  1. Hayley and wolves lived at swamps. Their kind were cursed and were looked down on for being savages. They were underestimated. Just like how African Americans were mistreated until Martin Luther King came. Hayley is their Martin Luther King.
  2. Vampires like to drink, party all night, misuse their abilities and compel people. Just like those white trash (no racism) people. 
  3. The witches are your religious extremist. 
  4. The Originals are your government.

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