• Burntmahair

    Freya and Dahlia

    February 12, 2015 by Burntmahair

    I doubt Freya is speaking the truth about her intentions. After all those years with Dahlia, she can't be as pure and innocent as she sounds. By the look of the entire Mikaelson family, sanity doesn't exist. Especially if you end up living under Dahlia. As powerful as Freya is, she must've learned from her aunt and that means she spent a long time with her before she was "put to sleep". But throughout that time span, she must have grown to be like Dahlia since children are easily influenced. 

    Freya mentioned that she was asleep for a century and wakes up for only a year before she goes back to sleep. However, when she was asked about Dahlia, she said that she not only lives, she hunts. Which is interesting because it can be inferred that Da…

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  • Burntmahair

    Freya returns

    January 20, 2015 by Burntmahair

    I think Freya and Kol has met before. I also think that Freya is that witch from the 1912 that Rebekah was talking to. 

    You see, Kol is aware that his sidekick witches ; Mary-Alice and Astrid is stuck in an asylum and can never escape. So he knows the purpose of that house. 

    My theory is that somehow, he knew that that witch was Freya. It's either Kol found Freya because he needed a powerful witch or Freya found him because she is a powerful witch. And once Kol discovers her identity and possibly her agenda, he traps her inside that house. That's why she is in that coffin (assuming that she is in that coffin). Think about it. When Rebekah was trying to open that window, she said "Kol". Soon after, the scrabble tiles form "Who Are You?". This…

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  • Burntmahair

    I found myself more into The Originals than The Vampire Diaries. I used to be obsessed with TVD until the idea of Silas came in and dopplegangers, then Travellers. I once liked the idea of dopplegangers in season 2 because it was interesting for Elena to face the consequences of a very old ritual. But now that they made it into a "destiny" idea, it got quite lame. I didn't watch TVD before for the romance but the story. And the idea of hybrids were just thrown away. Witchcraft to the show now is just a bunch of muttering and candles thrown everywhere. Around season 1 and 2, i liked how spooky and how real their witchcraft was, it was light yet epic. Like how torches and crystals were used. Now it's just, meh, throw in some blood and candle…

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